Cleft Foot

Also known as: congenital cleft foot deformity

What is cleft foot?

A cleft foot is a birth defect that involves a deep space missing from the foot that extends toward the ankle. It is often V-shaped and may involve missing toes and other problems.

What causes cleft foot?
A genetic mutation typically causes cleft foot. It may be present along with other genetic abnormalities or by itself. 

What are the symptoms of cleft foot?
The abnormalities of the foot are the primary symptoms of the disorder. There is usually not pain associated with these deformities, though difficulty walking and pain can occur later in life if the problems are not corrected.

What are cleft foot care options?
If the problems are minor, no treatment may be needed. In more severe instances, it may require surgery to resolve the problems related to cleft foot.

Reviewed by: Avi Baitner, MD

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