Nicklaus Children's Hospital Pediatric Trauma Center

Trauma Services

The Miguel "Mike" B. Fernandez Family Pediatric Trauma Center at Nicklaus Children's Hospital Emergency Department is one of only two freestanding pediatric trauma centers in the state of Florida and the only freestanding pediatric trauma center in South Florida.
The Trauma Center serves approximately 550 children annually from birth to age 15, with outstanding outcomes. Most patients are victims of falls or motor vehicle accidents, and have sustained fractures or head injuries.

The Trauma Center currently includes two trauma treatment bays within the Emergency Department capable of treating up to 8 traumatically injured patients.

Support Hospital Wide

The Trauma Team includes multidisciplinary healthcare  professionals throughout Nicklaus Children's Hospital. The Operating Room and Recovery Room teams are often instrumental in providing life-saving and restorative treatment. The 28-bed Pediatric Intensive Care Unit provides sustained treatment and oversight for children once they are stabilized by the trauma team for patients that require intensive monitoring. In addition to the ICU and OR, inpatient medical surgical units provide care for patients that are less critical.   Nicklaus Children's is home to more than 200 pediatric subspecialists representing virtually every pediatric subspecialty. Many of these physicians have national and international reputations and are available to consult in the care of complex cases.

Annual Trauma Reunion

Each year the Trauma Center team hosts a reunion celebration to reunite patients with those who helped them at their time of greatest need. This popular event is held on the hospital’s main campus and features activities, refreshments and opportunities for families to renew relationships with the hospital’s extended pediatric trauma care team.