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Backyard Pool Safety

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Firework Safety Tips for the 4th of July Holiday Weekend
07/03/2014 — Nickaus Children’s Hospital and Safe Kids Worldwide wish your family a Safe and Happy Fourth of July. All fireworks, including sparklers, can cause severe burns and scars.
Drowning Prevention Tips
11/07/2007 — Most people think they’ll hear sounds of distress when a child is in trouble in the water. But they won’t. A drowning is a silent event. These important drowning prevention tips can save a child's life.
Toy Safety and Injury Prevention
11/07/2013 — According to SAFE KIDS Florida, “an estimated 4 million Florida children (1 out of 4), ages 14 and under, will sustain injuries serious enough to require medical attention each year.”
Outdoor Sports Safety Tips
06/01/2015 — Many children play soccer, football, field hockey or lacrosse starting from an early age. Injuries occurring in these types of outdoor field sports are easy to sustain. It is important that parents advise children on the proper gear and way to play in order to prevent injuries from occurring.
8 Ways to not forget your child in the car Infographic
04/07/2017 — Heat Stroke is the leading cause of non-crash, vehicle-related deaths in children in the United States. On average, every 8 days a child dies from heatstroke in a vehicle. The following tips are reminders to prevent parents and caregivers from forgetting a child inside the car.
Heatstroke Prevention: Put an end to hot car deaths
04/07/2017 — Every 10 days, across the United States, a child dies while unattended in a hot car. It only takes a few minutes for a car to heat up and become deadly to a child inside. As summer temperatures rise, more kids are at risk.
Holiday Safety Tips for Kids and Parents
12/01/2016 — It’s that time of year again when we enjoy festive meals with family and friends, deck our halls with colorful decorations and listen to squeals of delight as our children open their brightly-wrapped presents. To help ensure your kids have fun and stay safe this holiday, here are a few tips to remember.

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