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Community Outreach

The Child Life Department facilitates a number of programs and orientations designed for patients, siblings and families.

At the request of the physicians and/or nurse practioners, Child Life Specialists attend all NCH'sponsored camps. Their role includes, but is not limited to, planning and implementing, therapeutic/recreational activities, addressing the psychosocial and emotional needs of campers, assisting in training and supervising counselors, scheduling field trips, and ordering supplies.



A week long overnight camp for ventilation assisted children (children needing a tracheostomy ventilator, C-PAP, BiPAP, or oxygen to support breathing) and their families.

Camp Coordinator: Bela Florentin

For more information and to learn more about VACC Camp, please visit:

Rheumatology Camp

This is a week long overnight camp for patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

For additional information, please contact Evelyn Cruz or Maria Louisa Rivas-Chacon at (305) 663-8505.

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