Historias de Pacientes Exitosos

Read inspiring stories of hope from patients and families treated at Nicklaus Children's Hospital.

Alexandra's Arthritis Success Story

​When she was 7 years old, Alexandra started experiencing pain, especially in her feet. At first, her parents thought maybe it was growing pains, or perhaps related to playing sports. It soon became clear that Alexandra had something much more serious when the pain became too much for her to even walk. Read this story.

La historia de Kimberly (artritis juvenil)

Kimberly no permite que la artritis juvenil la obligue a dejar de bailar. A los 10 años de edad es campeona del baile Irlandés, participando en competencias a nivel nacional. Kimberly ha sido pacienta del Centro de Reumatología por espacio de ocho años, siendo tratada principalmente con medicamentos que no contienen esteroides. Read this story.

La historia de Kristen (artritis juvenil)

Kristen fue diagnosticada con artritis juvenil a los 2 años de edad. A pesar de los medicamentos recetados por su médico, la artritis seguía progresando. Read this story.

La historia de Rolando (dermatomiositis juvenil)

A los 9 años de edad, Rolando fue diagnosticado con dermatomiositis juvenil, un trastorno autoinmunológico raro. Desde entonces, Rolando ha sido atendido por el Centro de Reumatología como paciente internado y externo. Read this story.

Ricky's Success Story

Ricky was right in the middle of an extremely active and athletic childhood when he awoke one morning with surprising stiffness and pain in his lower legs. Under the care of the Nicklaus Children's Division of Rheumatology, Ricky began treatments with medications and regular physical therapy that helped him regain function lost as a result of his arthritic flareups. Read this story.

La historia de Elana (Síndrome de Churg Strauss)

El día de Navidad del 1998, Elana se despertó con fiebre y una erupción. No podía mover las coyunturas. Su mamá, Laura, la trajo al Nicklaus Children's Hospital, anteriormente Miami Children's Hospital, donde le diagnosticaron Síndrome de Churg Strauss (CSS). Read this story.

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