Sending Your Child Back to School After Surgery

If your child’s surgery is scheduled near the beginning of the school year or during the school year, the following will be helpful in easing his/her return to school. Arrangements for home schooling will be made through your child’s school district. Be sure all home schooling paperwork is signed before surgery.
  • Arrange to get assignments from your child’s teachers.
  • Arrange for your child to leave class five or 10 minutes early in order to get to the next class safely.
  • Arrange an excuse from physical education.
  • Request two sets of books, one for school and one for home.
  • Inform the school of your child’s absence and surgery prior to the surgery so adjustments can be made in the attendance policy.
  • Request access to elevators.
  • Consider a shortened school day when you child first returns to school and gradually work up to a full day.
  • Ask your Child Life Specialist for a school re-entry letter.

It is very important that you contact your child’s teachers and school before surgery to create a plan and make sure that everyone involved with your child has the same information and expectations.
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