RN Program Applicant

Requirements to Get Started

  1. Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program (BSN) from an accredited school completed or enrolled in last semester
  2. RN license in the state of Florida
  3. CPR Certified
  4. Social Security Number
  5. Provide a consistent four-month MINIMUM COMMITMENT with the assigned weekly shift
  6. Commit to at least a  an EIGHT-HOUR weekly volunteer shift (6:30am-2:30pm or 2:30am-10:30pm)
  7. Willing to purchase a volunteer uniform
Application Process: Complete the application form (page2) and email to volunteer.resources@nicklaushealth.org. An orientation invitation will be sent once the application is received. Contact the Volunteer Resources Department at 305-662-8225 or email us for further information. Fax number is 305-662-8356.
Orientation and trainings: Completion of these courses in the below order are required and provided by Volunteer Resources:
  • The Volunteer Orientation approximately two hours
  • The Online Patient Care Workshop approximately two hours
  • The RN Program training approximately one hour provided on the assigned unit
Verification of Hours: Volunteer hours will be verified and signed off once the minimum commitment has been met. Volunteers are eligible for priority consideration for RN staff positions, once successfully evaluated and completed the minimum commitment requirement.
Interview: Applicants will be interviewed after attending a volunteer orientation. The purpose of the interview is to help the applicant and the Volunteer Recourses staff to become acquainted. Acceptance into the program is decided at that time, as well as determine a volunteer assignment and schedule.
Further details on the volunteer program, policies and rules will be provided at the Volunteer Orientation.

Applications & Forms

Please email your completed application to: volunteer.resources@nicklaushealth.org

To learn more about volunteering opportunities at Nicklaus Children's Hospital you may also call 305-662-8225.

Volunteer Handbook

Download the Volunteer Handbook PDF