Fuad Alkhoury, MD - Pediatric Surgeon


Director, Pediatric Surgery Fellowship Program

Fuad Alkhoury, MD is part of the Division of General & Thoracic Surgery at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital.  Dr. Alkhoury, obtained his medical degree from the University of Damascus School of Medicine, where he later completed an internship in general surgery. Anxious to pursue a course in postdoctoral surgical research, Dr. Alkhoury accepted a position at Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School. He then went on to complete his general surgery residency at Hospital of Saint Raphael, Yale University School of Medicine. Upon completion, he accepted a position as a pediatric surgical fellow at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, then known as Miami Children’s Hospital, Florida International University School of Medicine.

Dr. Alkhoury is Board certified in General and Pediatric Surgery.  He is a member of many professional societies and has authored many research articles and presented in national and international meetings. Although Dr. Alkhoury is well versed in all aspects of pediatric surgical care, he has a special interest in hepatobiliary and intra-thoracic pathology, neonatal and fetal medicine with focus on minimally invasive approach. In addition to the above, Dr. Alkhoury pioneered pediatric robotic surgery in South Florida. 

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Fellowship - Nicklaus Children's Hospital
Research Fellow - Massachusetts General Hospital
Residency - Hospital of St. Raphael
Medical School - Damascus University


American Board of Surgery (Gen Cert in Surgery) - Certified
American Board of Surgery (Pediatric Surgery) - Certified