Services Provided

Depending on a child's needs, families with their infants and toddlers referred to Early Steps Southernmost Coast at Nicklaus Children's Hospital, formerly Miami Children's Hospital, may be eligible for, and receive, some of the following services:

  • Hearing tests, hearing aids, and related resources and information
  • Equipment to aid in movement and self help activities
  • Early intervention therapy and family training to help a child with daily activities like holding a cup or eating, walking and talking.
  • Information for families to help them understand their child's special needs
  • Home visits and information for the family or caregivers to aid them in helping the child learn new skills
  • Health, educational, and nursing services, so the child can participate in activities with typically developing children
  • Information on special diets or eating needs of the child
  • Family counseling, behavior, or mental health counseling
  • Information about support organizations for families whose children have special health care needs
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Hours of Operation

8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday