Innovative Procedures

The Department of Pediatric Surgery at Nicklaus Children's Hospital is renowned for its surgical outcomes and innovative procedures.


Pediatric Surgery Team achieves excellent appendectomy outcomes


A recent study of pediatric surgery for appendicitis showed that Nicklaus Children's Hospital had some of the best outcomes of any children's or community hospital in the United States. Nicklaus Children's Hospital had an extremely accurate ruptured appendix diagnosis rate due to a greater use of ultrasound, CT scans and x-rays before performing surgery. The study by the Child Health Corporation of America (CHCA) also indicated that Nicklaus Children's Hospital had a lower rate of appendix rupture than three-fourths of all surveyed hospitals.

Analyzing hospital stays, the CHCA study reported that patients at Nicklaus Children's Hospital spent less time than average in the operating room and recovery room after appendicitis surgery, as 30 percent of the hospital's appendectomies were performed by laparoscopy. Nicklaus Children's Hospital patients also had shorter hospital stays for both ruptured and non-ruptured appendixes, a very low readmission rate of just 1.3 percent.