Vitamin B12 Level Test

Also known as: vitamin B12 blood test.

What is a vitamin B12 level test?

A vitamin B12 level test is a common blood test that determines the levels of vitamin B12 in the blood. Ensuring that the levels are optimal is important since deficiency or insufficiency of vitamin B12 may be associated with hematologic conditions such as megaloblastic anemia and pernicious anemia and neurologic conditions such as hypotonia, developmental delay and failure to thrive.

What happens during the procedure?

A routine blood draw is required in order to begin the vitamin B12 level test. The blood sample is then taken to a laboratory for testing and analysis.

Is any special preparation needed?

The patient will need to avoid food, drink and certain medications before the test; your healthcare provider will advise you about this if required.

What are the risk factors?

Local bleeding or trauma at the site where the blood is draw and infection are the main risks factors.

Reviewed by: Steven J. Melnick, PhD, MD

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