Undescended Testicles

Also known as: cryptochidism.

What are undescended testicles?

Typically by the age of 9 months, an infant boy’s testicles will descend from inside the body into the scrotum. If this does not occur, it is known as undescended testicles.

What causes undescended testicles?

Problem during development in the womb are often the cause of undescended testicles. Babies born at a low birth weight or exposed to alcohol or cigarette smoke in the womb are more likely to have them. Other medical conditions like Down syndrome can also cause undescended testicles.

What are the symptoms of undescended testicles?

The physical absence of a testicle or both testicles from the scrotum is the primary symptom of undescended testicles. Other than that, there are typically no symptoms related to the condition.

What are undescended testicle care options?

A surgical procedure known as orchipexy is the most common treatment for undescended testicles. Other times, hormone treatments may stimulate the testicles to move into the scrotum.

Reviewed by: Andrew S Labbie, MD

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