Ocular Injuries

Also known as: eye injury, eye damage, eye trauma

What are ocular injuries?

Ocular injury is just a medical term for eye injury, which can take a variety of forms and happen for a number of reasons. They can range from getting a little liquid or dust in the eyes to severe injuries that cause vision loss.

What causes ocular injuries?

Common items that cause eye injuries include chemicals, foreign objects, blunt force to the eye or surrounding structures or cuts.

What are the symptoms of ocular injuries?

Eye pain, bleeding, light sensitivity, damage to the eye and surround structures and partial or complete vision loss are all possible symptoms of eye injuries.

What are ocular injuries care options?

Treatment will vary widely based on the nature and severity of the condition. Some problems can be resolved with basic first aid. Others will require more extensive treatment and even surgery to relieve symptoms. Eye trauma can be devastating for children, the best medicine is prevention, use sport goggles for protection is very important.

Reviewed by: Zenia Aguilera, MD

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