Bladder Outlet Obstruction

Also known as: BOO, prostatism, lower urinary tract obstruction.

What is bladder outlet obstruction?

When a person has difficulty urinating, this is often due to bladder outlet obstruction. With BOO, something is causing a blockage in the bladder and preventing the urine from flowing out of the body. The blockage can be partial or complete.

What causes bladder outlet obstruction?

Bladder outlet obstruction often occurs in men due to an enlarged prostate. Bladder stones, tumors, foreign objects, birth defects and other issues can also lead to BOO. It can occur in women, as well.

What are the symptoms of bladder outlet obstruction?

Along with trouble urinating, bladder outlet obstruction can cause pain in the abdomen, slow or frequent urination, nausea and fatigue.

What are bladder outlet obstruction care options?

A catheter is often used to remove the obstruction and restore the flow of urine. Some of the underlying causes of bladder outlet obstruction can be treated with medication or, in more serious instances, surgery.

Reviewed by: Andrew S Labbie, MD

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