Carnitine - Total & Free (Urine)

Also known as: total and free carnitine, urine carnitine, quantitative urine carnitine.

What is a carnitine total and free urine test?

Carnitine is a compound in the body that helps your body digest fats for energy. A carnitine deficiency is related to a number of different medical problems. A carnitine total and free urine test is a test that measures the amount of carnitine in the urine. It examines that amount of usable, or free, carnitine and compares it with the total amount of carnitine.

What happens during the procedure?

A routine urine sample is required in order to perform the carnitine total and free urine test. The sample is then taken to a laboratory for testing and analysis.

Is any special preparation needed?

In most cases, no special preparation is needed for the test. It’s best to drink plenty of fluid and avoid urination prior to the test in order to make it easier to obtain the sample.

What are the risk factors?

There are no risk factors related to the test.

Reviewed by: Paul Cardenas, MD

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