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Pediatric Sleep Disorders

Part of the nationally recognized Nicklaus Children's Brain Institute, our Sleep
Disorders Center specializes in the diagnosis, management, and research of sleep disorders in children and adolescents. The center is accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and led by a board-certified sleep specialist.

Child Sleep Disorders: Conditions We Treat

  • Rapid Eye Movement (REM)

Treatments and Procedures

Laboratory Services for Sleeping Disorders in Children

Our pediatric sleep center is specially designed to study sleep disorders and performs a variety of polysomnography studies, many of which examine breathing problems during sleep. The lab contains state-of-the-art polysomnography equipment, a diagnostic tool that helps evaluate and manage pediatric sleep disorders.

Pediatric Sleep Studies

To diagnose child sleep disorders, we recommend your child participate in a sleep study. Our pediatric sleep specialists have over 30 years of experience treating these disorders and have been conducting sleep studies for over 15 years.
During the study, a physician will place sensors on your child’s head to record their electrical brain activity and assess their stages of sleep. A sleep technologist will then monitor your child throughout the night, analyzing their sleep quality and length. After the study, our pediatric sleep specialists will evaluate the sleep disorder to ensure your child receives the most appropriate and effective care possible.  

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Service Locations

Nicklaus Children's Dan Marino Outpatient Center
2900 S. Commerce Parkway
Weston, FL 33331

Nicklaus Children's Hospital Main Hospital Campus
3100 SW 62nd Avenue
Miami, FL 33155

Accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine