Vocal Cord Cysts

Also known as: vocal cord nodules, vocal cord polyps, vocal cord lesions.

What are vocal cord cysts?

Vocal cord cysts are masses of tissue surrounded by a membrane, or sac. They typically occur in the vocal cord due to injury from overuse and can cause problems with speaking.

What causes vocal cord cysts?

Overuse of the vocal cords is the cause of vocal cord cysts. They can occur after speaking a lot, yelling, singing loudly or speaking while sick, just to name a few examples.

What are the symptoms of vocal cord cysts?

A raspy voice, pain when speaking, a low pitch, breaks in voice, hoarseness, frequent throat clearing and other speech problems are typical with vocal cord cysts.

What are vocal cord cyst care options?

In most cases, resting the voice is the primary treatment for vocal cord cysts. Surgery is a possibility in severe cases.

Reviewed by: Yamilet Tirado, MD

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