Urethral Prolapse

Also known as: urethrocele.

What is urethral prolapse?

The urethra is the tube that allows urine to drain from the body. When the inner lining of the urethra protrudes from the opening, this condition is known as urethral prolapse.

What causes urethral prolapse?

The cause of urethral prolapse is not entirely clear. It occurs only in girls and mostly African-Americans. It appears to be more common if the tissues around the urethra are weak, and it often happens in girls before puberty when their estrogen levels are low.

What are the symptoms of urethral prolapse?

Other than the physical signs of urethral prolapse, the condition may cause no other symptoms. In other situations, it can lead to bleeding or tenderness in the area.

What are urethral prolapse care options?

In mild cases, no treatment may be needed for urethral prolapse, or it can be addressed with creams or soothing baths. Surgery can correct more severe cases of urethral prolapse.

Reviewed by: Rafael Gosalbez, MD

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