Subglottic Hemangiomas

Also known as: airway hemangiomas.

What are subglottic hemangiomas?

Hemangiomas are an abnormal growth formed of a cluster of small blood vessels, such as capillaries. They can occur all over the body, but when they form in the lower portion of the larynx, they can cause breathing problems and are known as subglottic hemangiomas.

What causes subglottic hemangiomas?

Subglottic hemangiomas form while a fetus is still developing in the womb. The exact cause is not entirely clear.

What are the symptoms of subglottic hemangiomas?

Difficulty breathing, noisy breathing, croup, hoarseness and pauses in breathing (apnea) are common symptoms of subglottic hemangiomas.

What are subglottic hemangiomas care options?

Some subglottic hemangiomas can be shrunk and managed with the use of medications. In other cases, surgery or laser therapy is needed to remove the subglottic hemangioma.

Reviewed by: Brian Ho, MD

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