Subglottic Cysts

Also known as: tracheal cysts.

What are subglottic cysts?

Subglottic cysts are growths that occur in the subglottis, which is the lower part of the larynx (voice box). They cause airway obstruction and other complications.

What causes subglottic cysts?

If a child needs to be put on a ventilator or use a tube to breathe, this can sometimes result in subglottic cysts occurring. This most commonly occurs in premature infants.

What are the symptoms of subglottic cysts?

Difficulty breathing, noisy breathing, croup, hoarseness and pauses in breathing (apnea) are common symptoms of subglottic cysts.

What are subglottic cysts care options?

Typically, the cysts are drained using an endoscopic procedure to open up the airway.

Reviewed by: Brian Ho, MD

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