Unicameral Bone Cyst

Also known as: UBC, simple bone cyst

What is unicameral bone cyst?

Unicameral bone cyst is a non-cancerous tumor that can occur inside of bones. The tumors appear as cavities in the bones that have fluid inside them. They mostly impact the bones of the thigh and upper arm.

What causes unicameral bone cyst?

The cause of unicameral bone cyst is not entirely clear. The cysts may grow out of growth plates or the tissue that surrounds joints known as synovial tissue.

What are the symptoms of unicameral bone cyst?

Most unicameral bone cysts cause no symptoms. In certain instances, they can cause a noticeable bump on the skin or can weaken the bone and increase the risk of fractures.

What are unicameral bone cyst care options?

If the unicameral bone cyst isn’t causing any problem, then it may not require treatment. Other unicameral bone cysts can be treated by draining fluid from the cyst and then injecting it with material to prevent the return of the cyst. The tumor can also be scraped out (curettage) and then a bone graft can be used to replace missing bone material.

Reviewed by: Michael Tidwell, MD

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