Also known as: large ureter, primary obstructed megureter, congenital megaureter.

What is megaureter?

The ureter is the tube that carries urine from the kidneys to the bladder. Megaureter literally means large ureter. This problem can lead to infections and potentially severe complications.

What causes megaureter?

In some cases, megaureter is present as a birth defect. It can also occur over time due to a blockage of the ureter or as a result of another form of birth defect.

What are the symptoms of megaureter?

Infection, fever, back pain, vomiting and other alarming symptoms can all be present with megaureter. The complications of the illness can be severe.

What are megaureter care options?

Surgery is the typical treatment for megaureter. This may involve an open surgery or using instruments such as a laparoscope to fix the problem.

Reviewed by: Andrew S Labbie, MD

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