Also known as: infantile hemangiomas, parotid hemangiomas, strawberry marks.

What is epiglottitis?

The epiglottis is a small flap of tissue that covers the windpipe and directs food to the esophagus. When the epiglottis swells and prevents air from flowing into the lungs, this is known as epiglottitis. It can be life threatening.

What causes epiglottitis?

The common causes of epiglottitis are either an infection from a bacteria or virus that causes the epiglottis to swell, or an injury to the throat.

What are the symptoms of epiglottitis?

A very bad sore throat, problems breathing and swallowing, drooling, fever, restless behavior and discomfort when leaning back are all potential symptoms of epiglottitis.

What are epiglottitis care options?

Epiglottitis is often a medical emergency. Health care providers will first need to provide immediate relief to help with breathing in the form of a mask, a breathing tube or a needle inserted into the windpipe. If an infection is causing epiglottitis, antibiotics can help to relieve the symptoms.

Reviewed by: Brian Ho, MD

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