Amniotic Band Syndrome

Also known as: ABS, amniotic constriction bands, constriction band sequence, congenital constriction rings.

What is amniotic band sequence?

Amniotic bands are thin fibers of tissue that sometimes form inside the mother’s womb when the fetus is growing inside. If the unborn fetus gets entangled within these fibers, it can cause a variety of symptoms and complications. This is known as amniotic band sequence.

What causes amniotic band sequence?

The cause of amniotic band sequence is not known. It seems to occur randomly with no clear reason.

What are the symptoms of amniotic band sequence?

Symptoms of amniotic band sequence vary depending on what part of the fetus’s body gets entangled in the strands. They can cause malformed or missing arms, legs, feet or hands. Cleft lips can also occur, among other symptoms.

What are amniotic band Sequence care options?

Many of the defects caused by amniotic band sequence can be corrected with surgery. This is often done very soon after the birth of the baby.

Reviewed by: Mislen S Bauer, MD

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