Cerumen Impaction

Also known as: ear wax impaction, impacted ear wax.

What is cerumen impaction?

Cerumen impaction is a condition in which ear wax within the ear canal becomes impacted.

What causes cerumen impaction?

Normally, the ears naturally clean themselves. The use of cotton swabs or other items to clean the ears can push earwax down into the ear canal and cause cerumen impaction. Other risk factors for cerumen impaction include hearing aid and ear plug use. Ear canals that have an unusual shape can also increase the risk of cerumen impaction.

What are the symptoms of cerumen impaction?

Cerumen impaction can cause a variety of ear related symptoms including pain, hearing problems, infection, dizziness and ringing (tinnitus).

What are cerumen impaction care options?

Mineral oil, hydrogen peroxide, and other types of drops can be used in the ear to dissolve and help prevent the buildup of ear wax. In some cases, the wax needs to be physically removed with special instruments by a healthcare provider.

Reviewed by: Sandeep P Dave, M.D.

This page was last updated on: October 03, 2019 02:12 PM