Branchial Cleft Remnant

Also known as: branchial cleft cysts, branchial cleft sinuses.

What is branchial cleft remnant?

Branchial cleft remnants are visible birth defects that can occur on the neck. They appear in the form of sinuses or cysts and are problems with the connective tissue that form the structure of the neck.

What causes branchial cleft remnant?

A branchial cleft remnant can occur when the pharyngeal arches that make up the neck do not form properly in the womb. It’s not entirely clear why this problem occurs in some children but not in others.

What are the symptoms of branchial cleft remnant?

The branchial cleft remnant often appears as a visible opening in the neck. This can lead to troublesome symptoms such as saliva drainage, skin irritation, frequent infections and tumors.

What are branchial cleft remnant care options?

A branchial cleft remnant is almost always repaired surgically.

Reviewed by: Yamilet Tirado, MD

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