Stye (Hordeolum)

Also known as:  hordeolum.

What is a stye?

When a person develops a painful red lump near the edge of the eyelid, this is often a stye. These often develop at the base of an eyelash, though they can also occur inside the eyelid.

What causes a stye?

Bacteria are the typical cause of styes. These can infect a hair follicle or the inside of the eyelid and lead to styes.

What are the symptoms of a stye?

Pain, redness, swelling and sore or scratchy eyes are the common symptoms of styes.

What are stye care options?

Most minor styes can be treated by pressing a warm, wet washcloth against the stye for 10 to 15 minutes a few times a day. More severe styes will require antibiotics or surgery for treatment.

Reviewed by: Jose R. Rosa-Olivares

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