Rumination Syndrome

Also known as: Mercyism, regurgitation.

What is rumination syndrome?

Rumination syndrome is a disease in which people effortlessly regurgitate their food a short while after eating, almost every time they eat with no retching prior. Unlike vomiting, the food that is regurgitated during rumination syndrome hasn’t been digested yet. But it can still be problematic for the people who experience it.

What causes rumination syndrome?

If rumination syndrome is present along with constipation, it may be due to a disease known as rectal evacuation disorder. Often, however, the cause of rumination syndrome is unknown. It occurs most often in infants and people with developmental disabilities, and also can occur in some individuals as a manifestation of anxiety.

What are the symptoms of rumination syndrome?

The action of regurgitating food, usually within 30 minutes after eating it, and at most meals, is the primary symptom of rumination syndrome.

What are rumination syndrome care options?

A therapy called diaphragmatic rebreathing training has been shown to help with rumination syndrome. This is typically conducted by a behavioral psychologist. Sometimes medications can be used as well.

Reviewed by: John M Peters, DO

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