Intra-abdominal cyst

Also known as: Mesenteric cysts, omental cysts, retroperitoneal cyst, fetal intra-abdominal cysts, abdominal cysts, abdominal mass.

What is an intra-abdominal cyst?

An intra-abdominal cyst is a growth or mass that’s found inside the abdomen that should not be there. It is a birth defect. In some cases, the growth doesn’t cause any further problems, but in other cases it can lead to complications.

What causes an intra-abdominal cyst?

Doctors aren’t sure what causes intra-abdominal cysts. It may be present along with other birth defects.

What are the symptoms of an intra-abdominal cyst?

In some cases, the cyst does not cause any other symptoms. Other times, however, it can lead to pain, obstructions in the abdomen or internal bleeding that can cause anemia.

What are intra-abdominal cyst care options?

Surgery is often recommended to remove the intra-abdominal cyst. If surgery is not possible due to surrounding organs, then the cyst can be drained and treated with other procedures.

Reviewed by: John M Peters, DO

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