Total Family Care

Nicklaus Children's Hospital embraces a family centered approach to care. Parents and siblings are welcome 24 hours a day and are encouraged to stay overnight in the unit to form bonds with the newborn and learn care techniques, procedures and adjust to their infant's schedule.
The NICU team fully understands the importance of providing support and care not only for the patient, but also for the entire family. This is accomplished through a multidisciplinary team effort that includes our highly trained and experienced critical care physicians and nurses, as well as full-time psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, child life specialists, patient representatives and clergy.
Nicklaus Children's Hospital NICU staff assesses and provides for each family's special needs in ways that go beyond the ordinary. From the time of admission continuously through to discharge, the team involves families in care decisions and works to ensure that all members of the family understand the care plan and receive the support they need to get through the crisis. The goal is to promote the rapid recovery of critically ill children and neonates, and to help families cope with the challenge and stress of a child's critical illness.

Going Home

At Nicklaus Children's Hospital discharge planning begins the day the infant is admitted. Experience has shown that continuity of care is a critical factor in a neonate's developmental potential. Thus parents are taught techniques to support their child's care while in the hospital, so that they can gain skill and confidence under the guidance of the medical team.