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DAISY Award Winners 2012

January/February 2012 Daisy Winner:  Janice Serrano, CNS PICU
January/February 2012 Daisy Winner:  Janice Serrano, CNS PICU
Janice is an excellent clinician, patient advocate, and team player.  As a staff nurse, she took a great deal of pride in ensuring her patient’s families were well informed.  She consistently provided them education on their diagnosis, medication therapy, and plan of care.  She treated her patients as if they were her own.  Janice continually strives to provide the best resources she can.  She achieved her CLC and is our personal resource on lactation education for our families in the PICU.  As soon as a newborn or infant is admitted to the unit, she assists breastfeeding and offering the best nutrition they can provide their child.  In 2011, Janice assumed the role of Interim Clinical Educator to help support her team.  She has taken on the role by dedicating 110% in ensuring that the PICU staff is well informed and updated as soon as information is shared.  She continually walks the unit, providing unofficial education to the staff on a daily basis.  Janice is well respected by her team and is looked upon as a skilled clinical resource.  She goes above and beyond with her patients and families by consistently advocating for early discharge needs, performing thorough interdisciplinary rounds and teaching patients and families about multiple educational opportunities, such as  baby basics, CPR, trach teaching to name a few.  Additionally, Janice has been a strong proponent for advocating national certifications.  With some staff members as her supporters, she achieved over a dozen bedside nurses achieving their CPN recognitions in a single quarter alone.  Thank you for all you do for PICU!!

March/April 2012 Daisy winner: Lina Gavira RN, CPN (3 North)

After two failed attempts to insert the IV in my newly placed port, Lina was able to put it in with ease and therefore replaced my negative connotation with port placement with a good experience.  She was also very attentive throughout the night to make sure that I was thoroughly comfortable and feeling much better than I had earlier.  Her ultimate dedication showed through when she stayed 20 minutes past her shift ending to make sure that the duration of my first chemotherapy went smoothly, even when she could have easily passed it off to the next nurse in charge.

May/June 2012 Daisy winner: Kristen Benitez RN, Float Pool

Kristen is extraordinary in every way. Warm, gently, fun, helpful, caring, smiley, energetic, uplifting, kind.  Always prompt, bringing exceptional energy and expertise in her work.  A great person, always going the extra mile to exceed expectations.  This is an amazing place already but with an amazing nurse like Kristen it is the ultimate experience. J WE LOVE YOU KRISTEN!!!

Kristen is very friendly and knowledgeable.  She gave me some cereal which was better for my stomach. Kristen is caring and attentive.  Kristen, you rock my socks off!!! Kristen always makes me laugh! Kristen is a very nice nurse.  Seeing her from day one, she was there for me no matter what, from the pain to the struggle, she has been a friend to me. Kristen was very understanding of my daughter’s fears.  She explained what she would do and how it would affect her.  She took the time to show she cares.


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