The Daisy AwardThe DAISY Award is a nationwide program that rewards excellence in nursing. It was created by The DAISY Foundation to recognize the clinical skills, extraordinary compassion and care exhibited by nurses everyday. The award is given monthly to an outstanding nurse in more than 237 hospitals across the United States. UnitedHealthcare is the co-sponsor of The DAISY Award at Nicklaus Children's Hospital.

The DAISY Award recipient will be recognized at a public ceremony and will receive: a framed certificate, a DAISY Award signature lapel pin and a hand-carved stone sculpture entitled A Healer’s Touch. Additionally, the unit or department of the recipient will receive Cinnabon’s cinnamon rolls – a favorite of Patrick’s during his illness – with the sentiment that the heavenly aroma will remind them how special they are and how important their work is.

Nominate a Nurse for the Daisy Award

DAISY Award recipients personify Nicklaus Children's Hospital’s remarkable patient experience. These individuals consistently demonstrate excellence through clinical expertise, extraordinary service and compassionate care and are recognized as outstanding role models in the nursing community.

The following are examples of qualities and attributes the nurses will possess:

  • A positive attitude
  • “Patient centeredness” - a consistent focus on meeting patient and family needs
  • Collaborates well with all members of the health care team
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Shows empathy in all situations

Patients, visitors, employees or physicians may nominate a deserving nurse by filling out the nomination form and submitting it to the nominee's nursing manager.

Daisy Award Winner: Andrea Negrini, MSN, RN, CPN

August 2021

Andrea worked several back to back shifts over the last few nights and she went above and beyond to support a family during their stay. Andrea built a good relationship with the patient and parent. Seeing as the patients birthday was just a few days away, Andrea coordinated a small celebration to grant the family some happiness during these hard times. Andrea went out of her way in between shifts to pick up birthday items and surprise the patient with some favorites like pop-its. She had the staff, including the doctors sing to the patient while she presented all the birthday items.  Andrea knows how to connect with families and bring them hope and happiness during hospitalizations. She has been referred to in the past as the favorite and with good reason. She brings her A game and her smile no matter what. She is truly deserving of this recognition.

Daisy Award Winner: Dennis Rejas Cabrera, RN

June 2021

My child is a chronically ill child. She is very hard stick. Dennis was all so caring and understanding and explained everything to my child. He made her feel better, This is the kind of employee you should be proud to have on your team. Dennis, Thank you!

Daisy Award Winner: Kyatannah Thelusma, BSN, RN

March 2021

It is my pleasure and honor to work alongside Kya for the last year, She is a valuable addition to the 5T family. Over the last year, Kya has sown and proven to be an advocate for her patients and families. Her communication and people skills are excellent. SHe is intelligent, dedicated and personable. Kya is always willing to help others. She is the first hand up for a new task/studies. I believe Kya is meant for more and have no doubt that shw will continue to climb the ladder of success here at NCH. She has shown commitment to the nursing profession and takes great pride in her work ethics.

Daisy Award Winner: Jasmine Reyes, BSN, RN

January 2021

When I first got the privilege of working with Jasmine she really took the guess work out of being a patient. She advocated for my child just as she had done so when he wasn't her patient and as a single parent it felt so overwhelmingly good to not have to think of everything all at once.  Jasmine is a nurse that pays attention to details and she is proactive and I absolutely LOVE IT. My family back home have heard me talk about her so much and the level of care and compassion that she provides and she brings them comfort as well.  Jasmine has cared for us in what has been some of my son's hardest days  and one thing that remained constant was the rigor of her care and the ease I felt even as we charted through uncharted territories. From a grateful heart I say thanks.

Daisy Award Winner: Ashley Carmenante, RN

December 2020

With the help of many amazing doctors and nurses, we are managing to keep our child alive and safe. One particular nurse  makes these days in the hospital much easier to navigate. Her name is Ashley Carmenate. Ash, like a prefer to call her, is an energetic, happy, highly professional, sweet nurse. She comes to work in the morning with so much energy that makes everybody around her energetic too. I'm always happy to see her, and happier if she is the nurse assigned to work with my child. Ashley has a gift. She is a true nurse by vocation. Her work is a priority for her. We are glad to know her. For this reason, we proudly nominate Ashley for this award. Its the minimum we can do for her, after everything she has done for us.

Daisy Award Winner: Leslie Duffie, RN

November 2020

As new parents having been thrown into a whirlwind of situations, we were grateful to be greeted by Leslie. We quickly noticed her attention to the care for our child when she was extremely particular about dressing his bed. I am so grateful to have the privilege of having been at this NICU. We are also so grateful for Leslie, she is caring, kind, gentle and so very "human" with our baby.

Daisy Award Winner: Krystal Tapia, RN

October 2020

Krystal is amazing. She goes above and beyond nursing. She is "A1" with it all she helped my daughter soo much and made her very comfortable. My daughter is a cheerleader and the coaches sent over her uniform. Krystal went to work, from helping Karla (Child Life) and I decorate to giving my daughter a full makeover to feel beautiful for competition. Each time we have had Krystal she has been nothing short of AWESOME. Krystal comes in and does her job and more. My family will be forever grateful and thankful for the way she made/makes Honesty feel.

Daisy Award Winner: Anja Glassner, RN

September 2020

Anja got me past one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. With all her energy and positivity, Anja brought light into my situation. She helped me overcome many obstacles that I didn't think I could overcome after my surgery. Anja got me out of bed for the first time after surgery, as well as helped me use the restroom, and have me a Anja bath. Through every stage of my recovery, Anja reminded me that I am beautfiul and strong in every way.  Anja encouraged me to do many things as well as have me the best advice.

Daisy Award Winner: Melissa Coizeau, ASN, RN

August 2020

I would love to finally see her recognized for her hard work and dedication to our tiny human population. Besides her clinical skills being outstanding, she always goes above and beyond to show her patients, and especially their families, how much she cares. Melissa is known around the unit as the “Kangaroo Guru.” She will 100% step out of her comfort zone to do something that she knows will make a lasting impression on a patient or parent. Even if Melissa has never cared for a particular baby in the unit, all of the parents know her. Whether some parents share stories or they just see her in action, Melissa always forms great bonds with the parents.

Daisy Award Winner: Lazaro Moreu, RN

June 2020

Thank you Lazaro for your friendly and cheerful demeanor and quick to offer help and help with anything my son needed. Thank you for always coming to his aid in a timely manner when we needed your assistance. He may be your oldest patient and could be difficult at times but you remained patient and kept that friendly smile… for that I nominate you. Thank you for going above and beyond.

Daisy Award Winner: Janessa Correa, RN

May 2020

We have been here 5 days. I just want everyone to know how understanding and caring and kind that she is. As we all know we going thru a lot right now and she has had a smile on her face every time. If we were here without nurses like her it would be a hard trip for us. Janessa needs to know I can’t thank her enough for making mine and my daughters trip here a very good one. My daughter always talked about her.

Daisy Award Winner: Azizi Jones, RN

April 2020

Azizi was the nurse assigned to take care of our daughter. She was very responsive and proactive under any situation that arose from my daughters care. She would find answers and get the doctors for us if we had questions. She was also very careful while handling our daughter.

Daisy Award Winner: Leslie Brannon, RN

March 2020

Leslie is beyond informative and caring. All the nurses are amazing but Leslie is extremely helpful and easily translates information given from doctors and other nurses. As somoene with no medical knowledge I appreciate that I can understand.

Daisy Award Winner: Lisette Vega, RN

February 2020

Congratulations on your DAISY Award Lisette!

Daisy Award Winner: Megan Johnson, RN

January 2020

Everytime we have Megan as our sons nurse we are super thankful! She puts our minds at ease and helps us better understand the tons of questions we always have. She's always ahead of the game making certain we have everything and then some to have a smooth night! Our two oldest kids always look forward to seeing her and cannot leave without a quick conversation and hug from her. I'm happy to see the passion in her heart for not only these sweet cardiac patients but their family members well being as well!

Daisy Award Winner: Mark Friedman, RN

December 2019

Mark was very observant with our child. He could tell if something was bothering. It's the little things! He also told me it was ok to sleep and that he had night duties covered. I clearly was confident our child was in good hands because I actually got a few hours of sleep! I appreciate him.

Daisy Award Winner: Liliana Beauge, BSN, RN

November 2019

My child was extremely lucky to have such a caring and experienced nurse standing by him like Lily. Every day, Lily took extensive time to care of my child, to talk to him, shower him, and walk with him for over 45 minutes across the whole unit, while still caring for other patients and training student nurses. Lily is very empathetic, cared for details  and was always very clear in communicating with us on what she was doing and what the plan for the day was. We are very grateful to have met Lily.

Daisy Award Winner: Aury Fernandez, RN

October 2019

From day one Aury has sought to work alongside us and help us to feel supported as we embraced our child's reality. She welcomes our questions and has a heart to keep us informed and educate as we face each new obstacle and out time line continues to be extended. Aury has given so many things back to us, she allowed us to bath and change our childs diapers early on and surprised us a few months ago and allowed us to hold her for the first time.

Daisy Award Winner: Carlos Gordon, RN

September 2019

Carlos was helping us yesterday like a part of our family. He didnt stop and out our child as his priority. Friendly and with a positive attitude. Carlos is a five star nurse and top value for the PICU. Keep him as one of the best assets for this hospital.

Daisy Award Winner: Solfia Torres, BSN, RN, CDN

August 2019

With Solfia there is no one specific difference but a myriad of meaningful difference she make throughout the working day. She steps in immediately and works through the complexities and problems that can arise when a newly diagnosed dialysis patient received a new catheter.

Solfia fixes problems left and right; quietly calming the waters of the nures, parents and nurse manager. Other floors call for Solfia for help and are relieved. I am going to leave you with the words of one of nephrologist "Solfia is the best thing to happen to this hospital" and I must say that I agree.

Daisy Award Winner: Luisa Angel, APRN

July 2019

I have lived at NCHS all my life. My family has become the nurses, doctors, and staff whose job it is to take care of me.  Amongst my family there is one person who truly stands out and has been an angel in my life. This person is my NUMBER ONE advocate. She makes medical decisions for me and manages my care from a professional stand point and always does what is best for me. But aside from that, she spends A LOT of her free time holding me when I am lonely.

She will change my diaper with the warm wipes so I don't get cold.  She gently applies the lotions and creams on my skin in a way that doesn't hurt. She hears me crying and comes in to see what's happening.. She took me outside in a stroller to meet the rest of the world when I desperately needed a change of scenery. I can count on her to teach my newer caregivers how to properly care for me and she won't accept anything less that perfection! I know this person loves me deeply.

Even though she is not a nurse at the bedside, no one has spent more time at MY bedside than her. She deserves a Daisy Award for the remarkable care she has given me that can only come from a giving heart and a generous spirit.

Daisy Award Winner: Lourdes Celibio, RN

June 2019

All the nurses who took care of my child were amazing, but Lourdes went above & beyond. She tried to soothe him at night so a tired mama could get some sleep. Holding him and feeding. She was friendly and made out stay not feel like a hospital stay, more like a visit with a friend, but also professional and in control.

Daisy Award Winner: Adnan Alibegic, RN

May 2019

Adnan is a nurse that stands out for exceptional care and following he takes with medication with my son; in other words, I never have to call or asking for something because he was always acting with anticipation of needs. He is very careful, focused and friendly in the time medications are needed. He shows interest and effort in speaking Spanish and does his best to understand the Spanish language as well. He demonstrates great effort and concern for the health of my son. Above all, he is very on top of managing his pain.

Daisy Award Winner: Rebeca Sanchez, RN

April 2019

Rebeca is awesome! Everytime she has been my child's nurse it's been a great experience. She not only cares for the well being of my child, she cares for me as well and always asks if I need anything.
Besides that this is the most humble experience any parent can go thru; Rebeca was and has been able to give us all the peace we need and help our child any way she can to go above and beyond.

Daisy Award Winner: 2 North/COU

March 2019

I am blessed with a wonderful work relationship with all our nurses. I could not do what I do without any of our hospital nurses , but at this juncture I am compelled to recognize the Entire 2N Team.

The 2 North/COU unit has been through a HUGE transition and workflow change for ALL of us. I am amazed at how smooth it has gone in the context of the many challenges that are part of changing the patient population and complete dynamic of an entire unit.We have had a succession of incredibly busy days . Discharging as much as admitting . The 2N Team has been outstanding and they are proactive communicators. Their constant input is irreplaceable as well as  critical to the care our patients receive.

We are still in the throes of this transition but I have so much confidence due to the smooth interactive team dynamic that the Hospitalist Team has with 2N.

Thank you for this opportunity to shine a light on hard work, strong team dynamics, excellent communication, and wise leadership evidenced by 2N on a daily basis.

Daisy Award Winner: Alexander Leon, BSN, RN, CCRN

February 2019

Alex was very friendly and compassionate with my son when he was out of a very difficult surgery. He dedicated 100% of his attention to my son. His love for the profession and dedication to the patients shows an outstanding human quality for the profession. Alex is a nurse that all patients deserve and be lucky enough to have when they are in the hospital.

Daisy Award Winner: Alexander Collazo, RN

January 2019

Alexander has been a PICU nurse for the past 3 years. He is currently pursuing his BSN. Alex is a PICU superuser for most of the innovative projects in PICU. He is consistently showing collaboration, responsibility, empathy, advocacy, transformation, and encouragement to his patients & families, and his colleagues.

Daisy Award Winner: Kesson Dillon, RN

December 2018

Kesson Dillon is a nightshift clinical coordinator in the Emergency Department. Congratulations Kesson!

Daisy Award Winner: Jackeline Diaz, LPN

November 2018

I'd like to start by saying how honored I am to receive the Daisy Award. I started working at NCH almost 4 years ago and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. NCH is not only my job but also an extension of my home. I never imagined that I would love working in a Pediatric hospital so much as I do today. Children are the light of our future and being someone that can make an impact in their lives is something to be so thankful for. Currently I am furthering my

education by pursuing an Associate’s degree in order to practice as a registered nurse once completed. My intentions are to continue to grow within the emergency department and furthermore, explore the possibility of a role in leadership down the line. When I am not on shift, I love spending time with my wonderful husband who is the spark of my life.

Daisy Award Winner: Mary Mulcahy, RN

October 2018

Congratulations, Mary!

Daisy Award Winner: Jeffrey Yenor, BSN, RN, CCRN

September 2018

Congratulations, Jeffrey!


Daisy Award Winner: Yesica Peraza, BSN from NICU

August 2018

Congratulations, Yesica!

Daisy Award Winner: Laida Bolanos, RN

July 2018

I have been with the organization since 2000 where I started my nursing career as a new graduate nurse. Most of my 18 years of experience, I have serviced as Clinical Coordinator, Discharge Coordinator, Nurse Manager, Mentor and preceptor to all the staff. I currently hold an MSN and certification RNC-NIC. I absolutely love being a nurse and have a great passion for the tiniest lives I care for. As a leader, I am most grateful and appreciative of the amazing NICU nurses that I have the opportunity to work with day in and day out. When I am not working, I enjoy spending time being the classroom mom at my daughter’s school. I also, enjoy reading, traveling and family time with my loved ones. Lastly, in memory of Patrick Barnes, I am honored and blessed to be a recipient of the Daisy Award. Thank you. 

Daisy Award Winner: 3NE Team

June 2018

The 3NE Team was recognized for their exceptional customer focus and creating positive memories that embody a happy family initiative.


Daisy Award Winner: Valerie Bermudez, BSN from 3NE

May 2018

Congratulations, Valerie!

Daisy Award Winner: Francisco Diaz-Cortijo, RN

April 2018

Congratulations, Franciso!

Daisy Award Winner: Allison Carroll, RN, BSN, RNC-NIC

March 2018

"Congratulations to Allison Carroll."

Daisy Award Winner: Rafael Ferrer, RN

February 2018

"Congratulations to Rafael Ferrer."

Daisy Award Winner: Donald Torres, RN

January 2018

"Congratulations to Donald Torres."

Daisy Award Winner: Anja Glassner, RN

December 2017

"Congratulations to Anja Glassner."

Daisy Award Winner: Vicky Alfonso, EN, BSN, CPN

November 2017

Vicky Alfonso, RN, BSN, CPN is November’s Daisy Winner.  Vicky is has been on 2 East for 2 ½ years, where she recently completed her BSN and obtained her Pediatric Certification.  Vicky is actively involved in transforming our unit’s huddle board issues by frequently bringing up recommendations to improve patient experience. 

 "As a parent, it’s never easy to see your child in pain. I would take all her pain and suffering if I could. So this hospital visit was very difficult for me. All of the staff here were very professional and knowledgeable, we were definitely confident in their ability to perform their duties adequately. The nurse that stood out most was Vicky. She really seemed to love her job and the patients under her care. I’ve worked at a hospital before and have seen some pretty amazing doctors and nurses as it pertains to the intellectual side of their jobs. Vicky is similar to these doctors and nurses. What sets her apart is her ability to calm their nerves of very terrified parents and her ability to make a child who is in pain smile. I wish more people had her passion for their job".

Daisy Award Winner: Cristina Brador, BSN, CPN

October 2017

Cristina Brador holds a bachelor’s degree from FIU in Health Service Administration and a BSN. She also is CPN certified.

Congratulations to Cristina Brador!

Daisy Award Winner: Clara Reyes-Miranda, ARNP

September 2017

"Congratulations to Clara Reyes-Miranda."


Daisy Award Winner: Dianne Crabtree, RN

August 2017

Dianne Crabtree has been a nurse for 6 years. She went to nursing school on a full scholarship and attended Miami-Dade College. She's currently pursuing her BSN at West Coast University.

 Prior to coming to Nicklaus Children's Hospital, she worked as an adult medical-surgical and adult oncology nurse. She joined the NCH PICU team in July of 2016.

 Congratulations to Dianne Crabtree on her second DAISY award!

Daisy Award Winner: Jeanine Diaz, RN

July 2017

Jeanine has been with the organization since 1988. Most of her 29 years of experience she served in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. As part of her tenure in the ICU, she has serviced as mentor and preceptor to all the staff. She is dedicated to providing exceptional care to her patients and family. Her PICU family appreciates all she does for her patients and colleagues. 

 "After spending a super rough night with my baby in a lot of pain with morphine, I woke up to find our new nurse and fell in love with her right away. She was so special that it had made me forget we were in the hospital. She had made me feel home. Constantly teaching me how to touch, carry, and change his diaper. She has noticeable a lot of experience, love, and tender loving care. Her passion is amazing, she loves her job and has made us feel like a regular day. My baby loves her, smiles every time she came. Also, very very helpful. Any time I ask her she was on top of it. I would like for her to win the best prize because she has been the best loving, caring, passionate nurse I know. God bless her, every day of her life."

Daisy Award Winner: Stephanie Lamoureux, RN

June 2017

Our daughter has a heart defect so she has been admitted since she was born. She is only 3 days old and it has been very stressful, Stefanie has been with us 2 days she has been wonderful keeping us very informed all the time. She has been very attentive to our daughter, my wife and I feel she has gone above and beyond in her duties making us feel very comfortable in our situation.  So we want to thank her, and the rest of the team who have been wonderful.

Daisy Award Winner: Marnelle De Leon, RN

May 2017

From the moment she came into our room, nurse Marnelle has been very attentive to our little boy. She answered questions and even took the time out to show my spouse a comfortable feeding position for our boy. I was unable to get my spouse to change the diapers but she pushed him until he did it! She is truly an amazing nurse. She even combed our baby's hair- making him look like a little gentleman.

Daisy Award Winner: Yisandra Delgado, RN

April 2017

She is the best nurse ever she has treated my daughter the very best she is very helpful and answers every question I have and she is very attentive and has allowed me to be part of my daughter care which also means a lot. I believe that she is one of the best here, very professional in what she does very knowledgeable... I would love to have her again as my daughters nurse.

Daisy Award Winner: Sarah McKeowen, RN

March 2017

Sarah grew up in northern Minnesota, and graduated from Concordia College in Minnesota with her BSN. She worked in two other hospitals before working with the adult population and finally reached her lifelong goal of pediatric nursing at Nicklaus Children's Hospital in Miami. She has worked at Nicklaus for a year and a half in the inpatient surgical unit. On her spare time, Sarah loves being outside and spending time at the beach, sailing, or swimming and doing it with her best friend/husband, James. Sarah is also very passionate about women's healthcare and spends a lot of time working with clients by teaching women and/or couples about their health and fertility.

Daisy Award Winner: Marguerite Cadet, RN

February 2017

Marguerite Cadet attended the University of Ottawa, in Canada, where she received her BSN. She has worked as an LPN for 10 years and has practiced as an RN for 2 years in Canada. Marguerite attended the Experienced Nurse Hiring Event in June 2016. Due to her previous LPN and RN experience, Marguerite was selected to be a Float Pool Med- Surg Transitional Nurse and began her journey at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in July 2016. She truly enjoys being part of the Float Pool, as she is able to further develop her skills and can easily adapt to a variety of patients and units. She loves her profession and the organization as a whole. Her favorite part of her job is the children that she cares for, as she is able to develop a special bond with each and every child as well as their family. In the future, she would love to return to school to pursue her MSN degree, specializing in Nurse Practitioner or Education. Marguerite enjoys traveling and thus far, her favorite place to visit has been Mexico. She is looking forward to further exploring different countries such as Europe, as she enjoys learning about various cultures. 

Daisy Award Winner: Ada Verjano-Crespo, RN

January 2017

“Ada is the epitome of who all of us nurses should strive to be day in and day out. She always shows up to work on time and with such a positive attitude that is recognized not only by staff members, but patients and their families as well. Her compassion and energy are truly contagious!” – Lynette Pichardo

“Ada consistently demonstrates all the characteristics of the daisy award winners. She is always a positive, hardworking and compassionate nurse, who always put patient care above all. Ada loves what she does and never allows any stressful situation to affect her nursing morals. Teamwork is always a priority for her. Ada would be the perfect person to represent MCH. “ – Jackeline Diaz

Daisy Award Winner: Andrea Murray, RN

December 2016

"Andrea always makes sure that everyone is doing well with their patients and always willing to help out a nurse in need. She shows a lot of compassion for patients and does her best to make patients as confortable as possible. She shows a positive attitude no matter what the situation may be.
 I am always appreciative of the advice and help she lends me."

Daisy Award Winner: Lena Iglesias, RN

November 2016

" After only a few short hours within the room, I can feel her passion and love for what she does. It is something very few people can radiate. She has been wonderful with our little girl. "
 - Delilah Volta

Daisy Award Winner: Elizabeth Woodman, RN

October 2016

"Ms. Elizabeth Woodman, RN, 5 Tower is a very knowledgeable nurse who always expresses her enthusiasm while emitting positive energy. Ms. Woodman is always willing to offer her assistance and is aware of the needs of staff, patients, and families. I truly appreciate Ms. Woodman’s compassionate spirit. 3 South (5tower) would not be 3 South without her."


Daisy Award Winner: Ana Comptis, RN

September 2016

"Ana has been an excellent nurse. Excellent care. Attentive at all moments of my son. Always checking to make sure everything is ok. I don’t need to call her. Great attitude with my son. Very caring, professional. Wish others were like her."

Daisy Award Winner: Jeannie Perez, RN

August 2016

"Jeannie is an amazing nurse. She brings to her patients knowledge, education, comfort, and laughter- the best medicine. We recently had a patient who drew a flower with messages to different nurses and Jeannie’s said: “Ms. Jeannie I love you because you are so funny and you make me happy. ” When Jeannie saw it, she said: “ That’s right there is why I do it!” In a job like ours, it is often hard to keep a smile on your face and Jeannie makes sure her colleagues, patients and families find a reason to smile. Whether it’s dancing, signing, or a hug she spreads joy everywhere she goes. She caress clearly about all of our patients and always has their best interest in mind. In an emergency she keeps a clear head and is always willing to help. Even when she’s not in charge everyone comes to her as a resource including the charge nurse. Our new nurse’s look up to her and our older nurses look for her support. She is always willing to help us when we’re drowning.
 Recently, we had a patient with a huge knot in her hair from being bed ridden for months and Jeannie went out of her way to get some special hair products to help her with her knot and even though they were not able to take it out, Jeannie provided them with hope that one day they felt everything would be ok. Jeannie is truly a special person and a gift to 3 South and our patients. She has a special gift to comfort people and make them feel that everything is going to be alright. For all of this and more she really deserves to win the Daisy Award. There are nurses and there are NURSES….Jeannie is the NURSE!! The best of the best!"

Daisy Award Winner: Yanisley Menendez, RN

July 2016

"Yanisley has made it her mission to oversee that he gets meticulous care. EB is a rare genetic skin disease (affecting only 1 out of 50,000 births). In this condition, there is a defect in the connective tissue of the skin and mucous membranes that causes the skin to be so fragile that the slightest friction, minor injury, heat, rubbing, or scratching causes severe blistering —inside such as the mouth, stomach, esophagus. There is NO cure for this horrific disease. EB has been compared to having third-degree burns. They live in unthinkable pain. With skin as fragile as butterfly wings, EB patients are dubbed “Butterfly Children."  Having to wrap each tiny little infant finger with Vaseline gauze and then cover it with gauze to prevent the hand from scarring, webbing and contracting. It is important to have time allocate during the shift for the care of skin and lengthy dressing changes to minimize pain. One of the greatest challenges is controlling pain during dressing changes. Dressing changes can take several hours. The family is so grateful to Yanisley because she is compassionate and concerned over their baby’s welfare. Yanisley has taken on this complex assignment every day she’s been on duty with a great amount of empathy. Yanisley gives extraordinary compassion and skillful care every day. This is a very tough assignment because of the severity of the baby’s illness.   Yanisley has shown her devotion by consistently going above and beyond in order for the patient to have continuity of care. Yanisley is a true professional with an amazing heart."

Daisy Award Winner: Sandra Burcet, RN

June 2016

"We have had the privilege of working alongside her on many occasions and she is truly one of our BEST!  We can vouch for her cautious care, empathy, and dedication. As an oncology nurse, she gave compassionate and scrupulous care. Those times on the oncology floor consisted of rigorous chemotherapy, blood products, antibiotics, and other lifesaving medical care. We saw that Sandra was always committed to her patients. She treated her patients as family. Sandra has excellent interpersonal skills and works well in a variety of situations with different people. Sandra truly makes a difference in the Life of others. 
 These days you see her in the fast-paced surgical floor of 2 East. Is sure she is using her awesome experience to master the surgical tasks which are just as challenging. As a Charge Relief Nurse, she uses her remarkable attributes to manage the very busy floor. Sandra respects her colleagues and is a team player. Sandra’s experiences on the specialty floors have given her strength to face new challenges.
 As nurses, we must be able to manage the stress of sad situations, but also draw strength from the wonderful outcomes that can and do happen. We are very lucky to have Sandra at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital."

Daisy Award Winner: Kim Martin, RN

May 2016

"Kim was incredible. Highly efficient when meds were about to finish. She was right there. Kim was consistently respectful and cheerful."

Daisy Award Winner: Kathy Geiger, RN

April 2016

"One of the long term patients from 2East had been in PICU for several weeks on ECMO.  In the middle of the night, he deteriorated. When Kathy found out, she came in first thin the next (Saturday) morning on her day off to sit with the mother and comfort her until the young man passed away. After he passed, Kathy remained with the mother until she was able to compose herself to leave. This demonstrates Kathy’s compassion and empathy."


Daisy Award Winner: Marissa Rodriguez, RN

March 2016

"My daughter was born February 3, 2016. To our knowledge, she was going to be just like every other baby when she was born with that first cry that is music to every mothe’rs ears. Well that didn’t happen. Our daughter was born with a metabolic disorder called NKH and she had uncontrollable seizures. She was transported to Nicklaus Children’s Hospital on Feb 7. The first month of her life was scary and pretty much day to day. After numerous procedures, blood work and a lot of tears, we had to make the decision to take her off the ventilator which she was relying on 100%. We were told she probably wouldn’t make it after a few hours of the vent being removed. It was planned to happen March 2. The day before I knew was going to be the worst day of my life, our nurse who we had just met, Marissa, REQUESTED to have her the next day. I thought she was crazy to request to be in the room with us during that horrible time, but little did I know where our lives would take us.
 The day arrived and I walked into NICU with tears in my eyes and my husband’s hand in mine. They were going to take her off the vent and standing beside us was her nurse Marissa. The respiratory team removed the vent and Marissa placed her in my arms with her own eyes filled with tears. It was at that moment that I looked at Marissa and saw how much compassion she had for her and my family. What kind of person would want to sit there to witness a family go through this? The answer was simple. One who loves their job and looks at these babies with love in her eyes and her heart filled with love. One who I will never forget. My daughter is a miracle baby and is currently with us. Her condition is not curable and we live everyday wondering where the next day might take us. The power of prayer is real. It is looking like she will be able to come home. Marissa has requested to have her as her assignment. I would not want it any other way.
 The one who has stood by our side through this long and bumpy road. The one who had so much love for my family she wanted to be the one who would spend (what we thought) the last few hours of my babies life with us. The one who will see us off as we take on this journey we are about to be given. I hope Marissa knows how much we appreciate everything she has done. Our daughter will always know about Marissa. I know she will look at Marissa with the same love in her heart that Marissa has had for her."

Daisy Award Winner: Kristina Lebron, RN

February 2016

"Congratulations to Kristina Lebron."

Daisy Award Winner: Carissa Csanalosi, RN

January 2016

"Congratulations to Carissa Csanalosi."

Daisy Award Winner: Angelique Sanabia

December 2015

“Angie was nice to me the second I got here. She'd hustle her way down to me whenever I called, even for the silly things. She really made me feel comfortable the first few days here. I was really scared but Angie would always know what to say. I'm really grateful to have had her as my nurse.”

Daisy Award Winner: Ivette Nieves Roldan

November 2015

“Ivette truly defines all of the following criteria: kind, friendly, caring, good listener, understanding, sympathetic and energetic. Over the last two years I have had the pleasure working alongside this exceptional facilitator and leader. I have seen her lead by example, I have witnessed first-hand all of her hard work, exceptional work ethic and most of all the dedication she pours into her colleagues, her council, her unit, her staff, their patients and families.
 She shows compassion on a daily basis, she has an open door policy, she listens and advises with genuine compassion and care for other human beings. She doesn’t treat you like an employee number, but a fellow professional nurse. She always is in the moment when you need her. I never come to 3 E and not feel welcomed or greeted by her and her staff with a huge smile, genuine gratitude for me floating there and conscious consideration of my day. Her unit is one of the most organized and structured running units throughout the entire hospital. She makes us all cross our T's and dot our I’s in order to deliver excellence in care.
 She does her daily rounds and truly listens to the concerns of the patients and families on her unit. She makes a difference in the care provided through the support and resources she provides for her staff. Throughout Nurse's Week she never left our side. She carried boxes, she made snacks, and she did it all without complaining or leaving us to do all the hard work. She has constantly been an exceptional facilitator throughout the course of our council contract and has allowed just the right amount of autonomy and support in order to execute initiatives that will forever be remembered.
 I am very grateful for the type of leader that Ivette is, for the goals she aims for us all to achieve, and for the support that she gives on many levels to achieve them. Her professionalism and Transformational Leadership qualities have allowed our council to grow professionally and attain its set goals. Her vision has taken us where we needed to be, just as I have learned through Magnet that a TL does. Thank you Ivette for displaying what great quality leadership looks like and for always leading by example. You are an amazing nurse who helps lead others on their journey of excellence.” 

Daisy Award Winner: Natalie Blanco

October 2015

“Natalie was our first attending nurse and she truly helped us in a great way to settle into our new environment due to the unfortunate circumstances. She was so nice and sweet. She made sure we had everything we needed and made us feel comfortable. She followed all hospital standards and protocols. What stood out the most was that after a well-deserved 4 day weekend off, she saw us and asked how everything was going and helped us with anything we needed even though she wasn't our nurse. Thank you for all your hard work.”

Daisy Award Winner: Heather Katcher

September 2015

“My daughter has been a patient at Miami Children's Hospital several times. My daughter has a unique medical issue that has taken us to several different hospitals and I have encountered many different types of nurses along the way. There is one nurse that stands out high above any other, Nurse Heather Katcher. Nurse Heather is always willing to help, whether she is assigned to my daughter or not. She knows ways to help save IV's and she is an NG tube expert! Nurse Heather is very talented at what she does and more than willing to go out of her way to help others. Nurse Heather is also by far one of the nicest, most caring nurses I have ever met. She cares, she listens, she explains, she fixes, she helps both the patient and their family. Nurse Heather is always smiling, she is very friendly, and she is always willing to help. When you have a medically fragile child, having a nurse like Heather makes the world of difference. She has truly made a difference in the life and well-being of my daughter.” 

Daisy Award Winner: Marelis Rodriguez

August 2015

“Over the last 2 years or so, I had the good pleasure of working with Marelis Rodriguez who, as you know, as an RN III sedation nurse. During that time I have been consistently impressed with Marelis' focused attention to detail when caring for her patients who are undergoing sedation. I have come to trust her judgment and skill when it comes to her taking care of patients who are in need of focused medical attention while under the effects of their sedation. I am always confident that my patients will do well under her watchful eye and care. Beyond that, Marelis has excellent interpersonal skills.

On many different occasions, I have witnessed how she has taken on the task of trying to calm and support a frustrated family, especially on those times when there is a cancellation or unexpected delay. She always finds a way to remain professional, courteous and empathetic to the families. Her strong interpersonal skills also extend to her interactions with some of the physicians here on staff, even those who have stronger personalities. She is consistently able to remain calm, courteous and attentive while still advocating for the patient and their family. Additionally, Marelis has a remarkable emotional resilience to remain level-headed even in the midst of equipment malfunctions, scheduling delays or other significant setbacks that can occur in any high stress environment. Most recently, while trying to troubleshoot a malfunctioning piece of critical equipment, she had the foresight to anticipate the delay for the next patient, and creatively come up with ways to mitigate that delay to avoid patient/family dissatisfaction. Thanks to her, the equipment malfunction was solved, and the next patient's family was able to have the study done in a more timely way. This is just one more example of how she is able to remain both focused on her patient, while consistently anticipating and addressing future problems or issues. In short, with her professionalism and work ethic she is a role model for others on her team and for others in the hospital.

Lastly, it is for all of the reasons above that I humbly submit to you that Marelis has all the qualities of a natural leader. She has the fortitude and wisdom of having been on the "front lines" of patient care. She is also able to identify system inefficiencies, but still work her hardest to compensate for those inefficiencies, as best that she is able - and without seeking attention to herself - for the good of her patients, their families and her team. NCH needs more leaders like her, and I therefore encourage you and others to very seriously consider her for leadership mentoring and promotion so that she can have a bigger influence in our hospital, and on the care we provide our patients.” 

Daisy Award Winner: Angela Fernandez

July 2015

“When I had back pain Angela listened to me and gave me medication immediately and it made me feel way better.”  
“Angela is always coming in the room to check on my baby boy. She takes care of him always with a smile on her face and an amazing attitude as well. She is one amazing nurse my baby loves her he is always smiling with her.”

Daisy Award Winner: Stephanie Sandoval

June 2015

 “We had many great nurses during our son’s stay at MCH but Stephanie stands out among them. Stephanie was awesome in every way, the kind of person who is well-suited to doing this incredible difficult job. In addition to all the characteristics above one experience with Stephanie really set her apart. Our son was having difficulty keeping down his formula, when Stephanie’s shifts started I mentioned that our son’s arms and head were moving in an uncharacteristic jerky motion. Although other nurses had seen it and I had inquired, Stephanie was the first person to recognize that these symptoms could be signs of withdrawal from the sedation meds. She got out a Sophia scale chart and after reviewing the other criteria she felt this was the case. She mentioned to the doctor who put my son back on some sedation med and then weaned him off it, before it had simply been stopped. Our son’s withdrawal symptoms stopped and he was fine in a very short time. As I mentioned other nurses had been told of these symptoms, but Stephanie was the first to make the correct conclusion.”

Daisy Award Winner: Lourdes Lopez-Fernandez

May 2015

"Lourdes is always willing and able to help with no excuses or objections. Lourdes always goes above and beyond to provide excellent customer service to all. She is an essential piece of our department and I appreciate having her as a colleague. I am always impressed by the support and service provided by Lourdes, she is a role model for all her co-workers. Without her willingness and persistence to solve difficult situations many departments throughout our hospital would not be running as smoothly as they are.

Lourdes is a great example of the MCHS Values by taking the lead to avoid or resolve conflict, coaches others to seek information and remain fair before making decisions, reaches out to other teams and/or departments in order to obtain the best results, seeks to improve the environment in order to promote customer satisfaction, takes action to prevent unsafe conditions, and takes ownership of commitments and seeks solutions to get better results. Lourdes has been an essential piece of many projects at Nicklaus Children's Hospital including most recently she spearheaded our Meaningful Use implementation and successful attestation. Lourdes always shows initiative and is always on top of what's new in the world of technology. The best thing is that Lourdes does everything she does for one main reason, her love of nursing. It’s that love of nursing that drives what she does, she wants Nicklaus Children's Hospital to be able to provide the safest best care possible and for our patients to have the best outcomes possible."

Daisy Award Winner: Racquel Harvey

April 2015

"When we were admitted last week, Racquel made sure we had a large room to accommodate us. she found out it was our son's birthday so she bought him a present for his party. We were then discharged to be readmitted 3 days later. So this week, she right away asked about his party. She saw his new costume with matching stuffed toy. After he got his leads put on, she immediately made a cap for his stuffy to match him. It brought the first smile and laughter to him! Racquel always go above and beyond making sure he is well taken care of! We greatly appreciate nurse Racquel!!"

Daisy Award Winner: Lisette Ruche

March 2015

"It is my pleasure to nominate Lisette for being truly awesome. On a very busy short staff weekend day, Sunday March 8th, Lisette floated to our NICU room 5. Throughout the day, I observed her to be meticulous with her care, precise with medication administration, and compassionate with our NICU babies. Lisette even helped me with her savvy computer knowledge! Lisette took time to review the complex CERNER discharge charting. With her wonderful instructions, I was able to discharge my three babies efficiently and quickly. Before our shift ended, I was able to take on a Level III assignment in another room freeing up a nurse to take charge of our unit. Thanks Lisette for being a team player and having a wonderful personality. You Rock!!!"

Daisy Award Winner: Yelennys Perdomo, RN - 3 EAST

February 2015

“Our son is an ex 27 weeker preemie so we have had multiple hospitalizations at different hospitals.  Yelennys is of those nurses that has made an impact on us and our son.  From the first time we had her as a nurse back on Aug 28, 2014 for 30 minutes because it was change of shift till Sept 9-10, 2014 that we had her a second time.  She remembered us!! Our son's medical history and likes and dislikes.  This really touched us because we felt for once we were more than just a number.  Here we are again (2015) in the hospital and lucky to have her as our son's nurse! She is knowledgeable, caring, friendly and loving to her patients and family.  We feel she goes above and beyond! Thank you Yelennys for everything you have done to help our son and us feel better.”  

Daisy Award Winner: Nicole Defauw, RN - PICU

January 2015

"When we first arrived in the PICU via ambulance my daughter, myself and my husband were traumatized by the diagnosis being suggested. My daughter was overwhelmed with the idea she had lung cancer; would need chemo and was facing her mortality. Many people, nurses and doctors alike came and went and most were sensitive to our fears but Nicole Defauw went above and beyond to help my daughter accept what she was facing. She asked what she could do to help us, and I asked her to make my daughter understand that her life was not over. She stepped up to the challenge and with a few chosen words brought my daughter back from the edge of giving up. Her sensitivity, comfort and nurturing nature made us all feel less overwhelmed. Nurses like Nicole are priceless."

Daisy Award Winner: Roselyn Harris, RN, BSN

December 2014

“I had a patient who required an emergent PICC line. The IV team staff working that night was not certified for PICC placement. Roselyn came in from home in the middle of the night. She placed the line and waited until at least two x-rays were done. She was always in a good mood and very pleasant to work with.”


Daisy Award Winner: Daimi Andrade, RN, BSN

November 2014

“Ms. Andrade inspires and motivates her peers everyday by being the personification of the MCHS way to both her colleagues, patients and families. Ms. Andrade began her nursing career as a Care Assistant in Same Day Surgery in 2004, while simultaneously conquering the English language. In 2014, after graduating with her Bachelors of Science in Nursing, Ms. Andrade successfully achieved certification as a pediatric nurse (CPN). When asked if she has achieved all her dreams, her answer is “never stop reaching for your maximum potential.” MPS is proud to have such a professionally driven, dedicated nurse as part of our staff. 

The last time Ms. Andrade was assigned to be charge nurse, it so happened to be a very stressful and challenging day to say the least. She provided guidance to a frustrated attending with extreme calmness and exceptional leadership skills. The attending was unable to understand why we were not bringing the inpatients to our admitting area. She successfully addressed the reasoning behind his concerns allowing the physician to see the big picture. Ms. Andrade’s ability to communicate professionally to both physicians and patients/families is what is the most admirable of her leadership qualities. She was able to ensure that all cases were done, the doctor was able to leave at an appropriate time, and all the staff received their very much needed lunch breaks. 

Role model, leader, team player, compassionate, reliable, responsible are just some of the characteristics that Ms. Andrade exemplifies as a motivational leader in Minor Procedure Suites. As the Chair for the Morale and Retention committee, Ms. Andrade leads her committee in creating action plans that will improve and sustain the morale within Minor Procedure Suites. The efforts of Ms. Andrade and her committee members have truly made a positive imprint with the continuous drive for patient family satisfaction. This in turn has assisted Minor Procedure Suite in achieving and retaining high Healthstream score. 

Some would argue that a leader is simply one who can macro or micro manages a certain area or team. However others would argue that a true leader is one that can recreate a certain achievement from scratch. Success at times could be a simple clashing of situations however a true leader is one who continuously exemplifies a curious mind for the sake of the bigger picture.”

Daisy Award Winner: Lisa Wright, RN, BSN, MBA, CCRN

October 2014

“Lisa is an Exceptional nurse. Lisa has many wonderful attributes that make her an amazing nurse. Lisa is intelligent, caring, empathetic, and helpful. Lisa not only brings her years of experiences and knowledge, but also her wit and sense of humor. Lisa is passionate with her care. She is full of spirit and energy. Lisa cares for her babies meticulously and is a great advocate for her babies.

Parents love her because she is very knowledgeable and she earns their trust through dedication and honesty. This past weekend, she was amazing!!! Lisa along with our remarkable team of doctors, nurses, respiratory therapist and staff coordinated an exceptional End of Life Experience for the parents of Baby Boy who in a very short time touched many lives. From the moment the parents arrived on Saturday morning, Lisa delicately, patiently, and in a professional manner, addressed their concerns and wishes. Lisa assisted the Mom as she gave the baby a peaceful bath. Being physically present and able to participate in the care of their infant was extremely important in the experience of anticipatory mourning. Active participation in the care of their infant fostered a sense of control and facilitated preparation for the event of death.

You could tell the parents were so appreciative of Lisa’s compassion and dedication. Once they had finished and dressed the baby, the Mom was given the baby to hold for the very first time since Baby was taken from her immediately at birth. Lisa along with our team of doctors (Dr. Diaz, Dr. Acosta), our clinical coordinator and the NICU Respiratory technician on duty transported the Mom in wheelchair holding baby. The parents were very grateful to Lisa and the group of doctors for their dedication and empathy. Lisa gave them time and their privacy, but also would check on them periodically giving support. Lisa gave the family a bereavement box filled with their infant's foot prints which she had obtained before they arrived that day and baby’s hair locks. It was a sad day in our unit, but we all came together as a Team for a little baby boy and his parents. I am very proud to work with remarkable people who genuinely give astonishing care in our NICU .”

Daisy Award Winner: Naida Lugo

September 2014

“She truly exhibits all of these qualities all of the time. As a preceptor, she was kind and nurturing and really cared about building my confidence as a new nurse and making me feel welcome always. She has continues to be a support for me. Despite my change to night shift. I have yet to see her without a smile and working with her re-energizes the weary nurse. Her stand-out patient care skill is defusing tense situations. She is great at showing she cares.”

Daisy Award Winner: Aileen Rodriguez, RN, MSN

August 2014

“I believe that this nurse deserves the Daisy Award. If anyone that I know of is an unsung hero, it is her. I’ve worked with her since the day I started here and she never refused to offer a helping hand. She is caring, nurturing and a team player. I don’t think a day has gone by where just by talking with her, I don’t learn something new. Her passion and nursing and pediatrics shows every day in her work. When she was a Bedside nurse, I remember her seeing her coming out of the tub room after bathing a patient, looking like She had been in the bath too! Her scrub top was wet; her pants were rolled up to her knees, and her socks drenched. When I asked her if she got into a fight with the water hose, she laughed and just said, “My patient hadn’t had a good bath in a few days and hadn’t slept well, so I helped wash her hair and comb it out to see if she could get some sleep.” She didn’t care that she was going to be wet the rest of the day, even though she still had half her shift left to the day. She is always looking out for others and is probably one of the most selfless people I have ever met. She deserves so much praise. In her new role she still continues to assist others. I could continue on for pages and pages on how wonderful she is.”

Daisy Award Winner: Eduardo Barrios, RN, BSN

July 2014

“Eduardo nurse really cares. My daughter has been sick in and out too many times in her short life. His extraordinary attitude and rapport with my little girl has restored my faith in the medical establishment. I commend him and hope you pass the word. More people need to emulate his work ethic and careful attention to his patients and their families.”

“Very attentive with my daughter, has a lots patience. Very caring, excellent nurse”

Daisy Award Winner: Shannon Hutcherson, RN

June 2014

“Not only did she watch over me exceptionally but overnight she decorated my room with Miami Heat stuff. She was awesome!”

“She has been very helpful during our stay here. She has made sure we have all felt welcomed and has kept us with proper and useful knowledge of everything.”

Daisy Award Winner: Bing Wood

April 2014

"Bing, true words cannot express the infinite reasons for your meriting this award. Two years ago, to date, we went PEDS live and that is just a “tiny” example of how you lead. Since our days as a new nurse on 2E, you have empowered me and the nurses around you, with strength, enlightened us with wisdom, and guided us with patience. I will never forget how you provided us, as new parents of a 4-week-old post op baby, a private room and called us “VIP parents” without even knowing us-back in 1997. You wouldn’t have it any other way because we were “one of your staff and Nicklaus Children's Hospital families.” These are the subtle ways you provide caring and compassion to those you “touch.” Now, no matter how demanding our professional lives become, you continue to strive towards excellence demanding of yourself and those around you nothing but the best for the children and families we serve. Your leadership and overachieving abilities are considered to be your paramount qualities that guide me, as well as, all those you lead. Thank you for always taking the time to listen, so genuinely, while easily finding solutions to the complexities in “the days in the lives of nurses and respiratory therapists.” As I pursue my DNP and learn to define “Quantum Leadership,” the image I see is you: advancing innovation and transforming nursing care at Nicklaus Children's Hospital, at all times, fueling all of our passions with persistence and perseverance, like no other!"

"I would like to nominate Bing for being the great leader that she is. I want to thank her for leading our troop, the OA group. She continued to inspire and motivated us to do our Best. She is a true leader who wants nothing more but for us to stand in our own. She is selfless, compassionate, kind and empathizes with us all. She taught us how to be a leader."

"I have worked with Bing for many years, and she has always demonstrated extreme commitment and dedication to our hospital’s mission and vision. Bing is highly skilled and very knowledgeable (to mention a few) from budget, to throughput, LEAN, strategic initiatives, PEDS and Clairvia she is able to lead us. Bing is a leader among leaders; she inspires mentors and coaches all nursing staff. She truly cares about everyone. Bing is a good listener and she is patient, thorough and enthusiastic. Bing is always looking for opportunities to help develop our potential. She never loses her coolness and always has a professional response. Bing is and has been a role model to novice and seasoned nurses. For this and many more reasons Bing deserves this award. Bing Thank you for guiding me through the years, you are a true inspiration! "

Daisy Award Winner: Tania Pita, RN

March 2014

“No Matter what is going on in the O.R. Tania consistently provides excellent and compassionate care. She is a team-player, always willing to help her co-workers. Her work ethic and positivity is exemplary. Whether helping another nurse start a case on a busy day, or running the desk, Tania consistently provides a positive, caring, efficient, and respectful attitude. Her compassion is evident in the way she provides loving and supportive car to each patient, and parents. I can personally count on Tania to rush in and help other nurses set-up their cases and perform other necessary tasks during emergent surgical scenarios. She brings a work-ethic and overall genuine energy that is rarity these days. When she is in charge at the desk she treats everyone fairly and assigns the work appropriately. This is a morale booster for the staff, and ultimately creates a positive work environment.”

Daisy Award Winner: Jenny Cordo, ARNP

February 2014

“I would like to take a moment to recognize Jennifer Cordo for her outstanding work and leadership qualities exemplified prior to, during, and after Magnet re-designation. Jennifer came into the position as Magnet Program Leader without any prior Magnet designation experience. In very little time, she was tackling many obstacles that were thrown her way in order to get the re-designation process underway. From the beginning, she was able to do it. She read and became knowledgeable, she gathered information, she put together a team of Magnet Champions, and she became the leader we all needed her to be. She has been pivotal in her role and because of her we were all able to grow professionally. She mentored us and supported us every step of the way. I know that professionally I am better-rounded now than ever before. I know that because of her support, her guidance, and her mentoring capabilities I can confidently move forward and grow professionally. Her passion is infectious and she makes you want to aspire to be all that you have the potential to be. She is young, driven, passionate, responsible, dedicated, loyal, and very organized. She makes a difference, she has made a difference in this hospital, and I believe that she will continue to make a difference for the patient’s, the families, and the organization. Nicklaus Children's Hospital is very lucky to have such a young, vibrant, and intelligent nurse in such an important role, because she has been able to make nurses want to have a voice and be the change they want to see. “

Daisy Award Winner: Ashley Ruiz, RN

January 2014

“She took care of me when I had a seizure.”

“She has been very helpful during our stay here. Although a holiday week, she has made sure we have all felt welcomed and has kept us with proper and useful knowledge of everything.”

“They came to my room as soon as I would call; they cheered me up, comforted me, and treated us like family.”

“Ashley is so kind she is always on time with my daughter’s medicine. When I call her she comes immediately and resolves the problem (e.g. IV pump beeping). She always gets everything done on time, she is friendly and listens to me and she is always energetic. My daughter loves SpongeBob so Ashley went and got her the SpongeBob movies and the WII so my daughter can see SpongeBob (Ashley had to get 2 WII because the first one was not working). Excellent Job.”

Daisy Award Winner: Vanessa Polumbarit, RN, BSN

December 2013

“Sassa aka Vanessa has worked in dialysis for many years now I enjoy having her care. I get Hemodialysis three times a week for three hours and she always ask us patients "how are you feeling today?". Sassa is always on top our needs as well as Solfia and Mercy, but right now this is about Sassa. Sassa is sweet, kind and gentle. Sassa will go the extra mile for you if she has to. Sassa makes sure I am comfortable during my every treatment. What Sassa does for me and the other patients I believe deserves a BIG DAISY AWARDS!”

Daisy Award Winner: Dora Cawley RN

November 2013

›“I would like to take this time to acknowledge Dora Cawley from 3NE.She is a well-rounded and very knowledgeable nurse.Dora is willing to help in any area she sees fit. She is always there for the patients andfamilies and is willing to listen to their needs. Dora is an example of an outstanding role model. I was fortunate enough to witness Dora talk to an upset parent. Dora smiled and was able to assist the parents with the patient’s needs.Parent turned and thanked Dora back with a smile.”

“I would like to acknowledge Dora for her kindness, caring and energetic despite heavy loads of assignments. She does whatever she can to help. She keeps the floor keep under control. Mother came in upset and raising her voice by Dora just listened and accepts her frustration. “

Daisy Award Winner: Esther Wooten RN, BSN, CPN

October 2013

“I would like to let you know how much I appreciate the special care my baby was given by Esther Wooten. She not only showed professionalism but Esther was caring, loving and very helpful. Every time my baby gets admitted to the Cardiac unit and Esther is his nurse, I always get a piece of mind know he will be taken care of at night. Esther always goes the extra mile taking care of him and shows how she loves her job. Esther is very professional, friendly, compassionate, social and sweet. Esther is an extraordinary nurse and always treats my baby as if he were her own. I can rest at night knowing that my baby will be in good hands and that if he cries she will be right in the room to check on him and make him feel better. Esther always explains everything in a way I can understand. My heart, love and thanks go out to Esther, she is an exceptional nurse”

Daisy Award Winner: Isbel Muniz, RN

September 2013

“My son was diagnosed with Osteomyelitis. Our overall nursing experience was good but there was one person who was so special that we needed to write to you to let you know. Isbel Muniz was our nurse the first night of our stay. She was kind, funny, warm, smart, compassionate and patient with our family. The next night after he got his PICC line put in, Isbel was our nurse and we were so excited to take out his IV on his hand which was bothering him from the night before. Isbel was unbelievable as the bandage wasn't coming off and his skin was all beat up from trying to get it off. She sat with my son for over an hour and let him lead--she was creative, funny, smart, educated, thought in advance and made him feel in control and that everything was fine. We loved her before this event happened but after she finally got the bandage off she was an angel in our hearts. It takes a very special person to display such patience and compassion to do what she did that night.After Isbel left our room that my son (11 years old) asked, "Are you getting Isbel's phone number?" I asked why? He said, "because we need to keep special people like Isbel in our lives.“ People like her are hard to find, employees… even harder. Thank you, Nicklaus Children's Hospital and Isbel. My son left Nicklaus Children's Hospital, formerly Miami Children's Hospital, with a memory of wonderful people and feeling empowered about his condition instead of stressed about his recovery and having a serious bacterial infection in his bone. Now, that has NO price. Thanks again. We love you Isbel!”

Daisy Award Winner: Raisa Gutierrez RN, BSN

August 2013

“She is a good nurse”

“She really cares”

›“Raisa has been helpful. When I call her she comes right away. I was very nauseous and I called her and told her I was throwing up. She came right in and washed the bucket and was going to get me some Compazine. If anyone should get the Daisy award it should be her. She is very kind and always wants to make sure you are OK.”

Daisy Award Winner: Maibys Molina RN, BSN, CPN

July 2013

›“This amazing nurse took such good care of our son and provided him with pain relief. She is extremely professional in every since of the word. She is caring and loving. It is obvious that she enjoys her work.” 

“She is really nice.”

“Excellent service and care”

“When I had surgery on the neck, she helped me in every way so I’ll have no pain, and if I wanted something she gave it to me. Thank you”

Daisy Award Winner: Victoria Perez, RN, BSN, CCRN

June 2013

“Since the moment Victoria walked into our room, she took over my son’s care with absolute confidence and compassion. I feel I not only owe my son’s stable status to her, but my own sanity as well. I will forever be grateful to Victoria.”

Daisy Award Winner: Marvis Garcia RN, BSN

May 2013

“Marvis is such a blessing. He always come to work with a can do attitude. He lifts your spirits while teaching you and making sure you understand. He explains every medication and procedure he is going to perform. He is a nurse and sort of like a teacher as well he is patient and kind. Always gives service with a smile. “

Daisy Award Winner: Julie Blanco RN, BSN

April 2013

"From the day Julie was assigned we could feel how much she cared. The nurse a patient could only dream of having. Julie loves what she does, and I feel it. Nothing I asked her was forgotten, always checking if I was okay or needed something. Thank you for having such a great nurse to help me."

›"Julie is the best."

"›She is so amazing at what she does. She explains everything before she gives meds. She is so patient and understanding!!!"

Daisy Award Winner: Jenny Jimenez, RN, BSN

March 2013

"Since the first moment Jenny has been taking care of us, not only my two months old son but also me, as a mother under a lot of stress to have someone that makes you feel comfortable is priceless. She's friendly, helpful and so so sweet, but above all extremely professional. Thanks!" 

›"She has been very sweet, nice and caring and makes sure that my baby is comfortable and she looks for ways to help me in any way she can."

"She calms me down and is always there for my baby."

Daisy Award Winner: Alejandro Perez, RN, BSN, CPN

February 2013

"Alex takes good care of kids and also me. He went out of his way to make sure that Brooklyn has activities to do. Alex makes us feel comfortable even during stressful situations. Every time he comesinto the room he is cheerful and upbeat. Thank you.“

"Alex makes me feel good, and makes me laugh when I feel bad. Thank you for being the best nurse."

"Every time I called Alex, he was there with a smile and great attitude. Thank you Alex!”

Daisy Award Winner: Yadira Catalan, RN

January 2013

"Yadira is a compassionate nurse and provides excellent care to my child. She always comes in with a smile."

"Yadira is very thoughtful and caring." 

"She is very nice and helpful. She always asks me if I am okay and if I need anything. She is an extraordinary and excellent nurse to have."

 ​›"My son is a 6 year old, admitted for the first time. He was nervous. She made him feel comfortable, welcomed him with a smile and gave him lots of attention. She was patient and loving. Thank you!"

Daisy Award Winner: Kristen Benitez RN, Float Pool

May 2012

Kristen is extraordinary in every way. Warm, gently, fun, helpful, caring, smiley, energetic, uplifting, kind.  Always prompt, bringing exceptional energy and expertise in her work.  A great person, always going the extra mile to exceed expectations.  This is an amazing place already but with an amazing nurse like Kristen it is the ultimate experience.J WE LOVE YOU KRISTEN!!!

Kristen is very friendly and knowledgeable.  She gave me some cereal which was better for my stomach. Kristen is caring and attentive.  Kristen, you rock my socks off!!! Kristen always makes me laugh! Kristen is a very nice nurse.  Seeing her from day one, she was there for me no matter what, from the pain to the struggle, she has been a friend to me. Kristen was very understanding of my daughter’s fears.  She explained what she would do and how it would affect her.  She took the time to show she cares.

Daisy Award Winner: Lina Gavira RN, CPN (3 North)

March 2012

After two failed attempts to insert the IV in my newly placed port, Lina was able to put it in with ease and therefore replaced my negative connotation with port placement with a good experience.  She was also very attentive throughout the night to make sure that I was thoroughly comfortable and feeling much better than I had earlier.  Her ultimate dedication showed through when she stayed 20 minutes past her shift ending to make sure that the duration of my first chemotherapy went smoothly, even when she could have easily passed it off to the next nurse in charge.

Daisy Award Winner: Janice Serrano, CNS PICU

January 2012

Janice is an excellent clinician, patient advocate, and team player.  As a staff nurse, she took a great deal of pride in ensuring her patient’s families were well informed.  She consistently provided them education on their diagnosis, medication therapy, and plan of care.  She treated her patients as if they were her own.  Janice continually strives to provide the best resources she can.  She achieved her CLC and is our personal resource on lactation education for our families in the PICU.  As soon as a newborn or infant is admitted to the unit, she assists breastfeeding and offering the best nutrition they can provide their child.

In 2011, Janice assumed the role of Interim Clinical Educator to help support her team.  She has taken on the role by dedicating 110% in ensuring that the PICU staff is well informed and updated as soon as information is shared.  She continually walks the unit, providing unofficial education to the staff on a daily basis.  Janice is well respected by her team and is looked upon as a skilled clinical resource.  She goes above and beyond with her patients and families by consistently advocating for early discharge needs, performing thorough interdisciplinary rounds and teaching patients and families about multiple educational opportunities, such as  baby basics, CPR, trach teaching to name a few.  Additionally, Janice has been a strong proponent for advocating national certifications.  With some staff members as her supporters, she achieved over a dozen bedside nurses achieving their CPN recognitions in a single quarter alone.  Thank you for all you do for PICU!!

Daisy Award Winner: Kimberly Martin, RN 3 Northeast

October 2011

Kim is very kind with her words.  She provides comfort to me like being in my very own home.  I really appreciate the fact that if I need anything, she is here is a split second, thank you for having such a kind heart.  God bless you! Kim is an awesome nurse!

Kim is caring, attentive, and helpful.

Daisy Award Winner: Yuleidi Herrera, RN 3 East

September 2011

Yuleidi goes the extra mile in caring for the comfort of her patients.

Yuleidi is an attentive and commited nurse.  The first thing that I remember upon arriving to my room was her smile and her willingness to assist me.  Thanks so much for caring for the children under your care.
Yuleidi listens.  She’s very professional, social, friendly, careful and sweet.  Always on task and on point when I need her.

Yuleidi is kind and and took time to explain everything about my sickness in a way that I could understand.  She was attentive and brought me some GOOD ice cream.  She earned 100 point s from my parents and in my book she is an awesome nurse.

Yuleidi went above and beyond to make my son feel at ease during his stay.  She was extremely sweet and kind and made my son smile when he needed it the most.  Thank you so much, there should be more nurses like you.  Thank you!

Yuleidi is an extraordinary nurse.  She treated my son as if he were her own.  She understood my frustrations and was very aggressive in her treatment and care towards my son while attempting to manage his fevers.  She was very honest, punctual and caring.  Some people do this work for money, job stability and many other reasons.  I see that Yuleidi is one of the few that was born to make children (and their crazy parents) feel better.  My heart, love and thanks go out to this exceptional nurse.  May she continue to apply her caring hands in this healing process.

Daisy Award Winner: Maria Soto, RN 3 South

August 2011

Maria has always demonstrated extreme commitment and dedication to our hospital’s mission and vision statement.  This nominee is a leader among leaders, she inspires and exemplifies nursing at its best.  She gets involved with the day to day operation of our department.  She is highly skilled and very knowledgeable about policy and procedures.  This nominee consistently displays the highest ethical standards.  Maria is patient, thorough and enthusiastic.  She constantly encourages her staff to attend meetings and get involved.  She influences the development of her staff.  She is always looking for opportunities to help develop our potential and shine as employees and as a unit.  She is no nonsense, direct and firm, yet full of good humor and encouragement.

During stressful times she never loses her cool and always has a professional response.  When we have difficult parents she gets involved with them, meets them (gives them her cell number) and is able to establish a level of trust and cooperation that facilitates positive outcomes.  When we have difficult physicians she meets with them to solve issues. She is not only a patient advocate but a staff advocate.  She is thoughtful and responsive to employees at all levels.  She always displays excellent customer service to patients, families and fellow Nicklaus Children's Hospital employees.  She demonstrates accountability for the work she performs as well as passion in serving the patients and families.  She is the MCHS Way.  Maria is a role model to novice and seasoned nurses. 

Daisy Award Winner: Adam Fader, RN 3 Northeast

July 2011

During our 6 day stay  at Nicklaus Children's Hospital, Adam is the nurse that stood out the most with his compassion, dedication, and love for what he does.  We truly feel as though we’ve gained a friend during our daughter’s meningitis scare.  Adam kept us informed, made sure that our daughter’s care was “perfect”, to say the least and truly entertained my husband and myself with his extremely friendly, caring demeanor.  His dedication and passion for his profession is tuly to be commended. I felt I was at the Hilton, not a hospital.  Thank you Adam, for making an extremely scary situation easier to deal with.  You have a passion for what you do and it is evident I your superb care of your patients.  My daughter did not like it when you have the day off, as her face lit up upon your return.  You are a gift to Nicklaus Children's Hospital and deserve the honor of being recognized as an exemplary nurse!

Adam is extremely attentive and compassionate.  We have been lucky to have had him for every hospital stay (3 times since May).  He deserves a gold medal!

Ever since I was 6 years old, Adam from 3 Northeast has always taken good care of me and given me the attention I need.  Adam is a very nice guy…..he is special and unique.  He has a way of being able to communicate with everyone.  He is very nice and understandable.

 Adam has been my nurse since I was 10 years old.  He has such a great way to make a child that’s not feeling good smile in so many ways.  Adam is always my nurse every time I’m admitted.  There’s something about him that’s very special.  He has such a way with kids and when I am in need o fhis assistance he is there in a jiffy.

Daisy Award Winner: Michelle Tai, RN 3 North

June 2011

Everyone knows that Michelle is a great resource for oncology patients.  She is a walking encyclopedia for cancer patients.  Diagnosis, treatments, chemotherapy, nursing care, significant laboratory values, mediports, etc.

Several times during the night when there is no IV nurse and the units have PICC line problems and have to ask for help, without hesitation Michelle will do it for me.  A tiny baby in CICU needed a line to be pulled a few cm so they can give her medications, a patient in 3NE PICC line clotted and antibiotic treatment is overdue, a patient in 3S that a PICC line is the only answer for IV access, patients in ED with mediport problems, give chemotherapy in ICU’s or med/surg floors just a few to mention.

Michelle is also a team player.  When the census is very high and the ER is very busy, she will take overflow medical patients.  She will call the attending specialist and let her know what rooms she opened for admissions.  This expedites the admission process and prevents tripling on other units.  Most of the time she takes the admissions.  At the same time she is in charge and a resource to her staff.

Michelle is the true representation of the MCHS way, her dedication and passion with her work, collaboration with different departments, excellent customer service, honesty and accountability.  She is a role model and asset to Nicklaus Children's Hospital, formerly Miami Children's Hospital.

Daisy Award Winner: Maria Caridad-Cortinas, RN 2 North

February 2011

Maria took really good care of my son and made us all feel safe and treated us like family. She’s the best!!! Thank you Maria!!!

  • She is a really great nurse and cares for what she does…
  • She is a great nurse, very kind and helpful.
  • She is super dedicated and gives excellent care.
  • She gave great attention to my son.
  • She gives excellent attention.
  • She is kind and gentle and helped me with a smile.

Maria is a very professional nurse. She has excellent abilities caring for patients. She is caring and respectful. She loves her job. For those reasons and more we consider her the perfect employee. She deserves the title of the best employee of  February!!!

Daisy Award Winner: Cindy Ayala, RN 3 South

January 2011

Cindy was very nice and always paid attention to what I said and what I needed. She also helped with my every request promptly and efficiently. She is a wonderful nurse.

Cindy took good care of me. She gave me my meds every night and was really nice.

Cindy is very caring. She treated us like family. From 1 to 10, she is a 10 plus, plus, plus.

Cindy Ayala is a very professional nurse. She is wonderful and makes you feel right at home. She cares about the patients.  She is very kind and lovely.

Daisy Award Winner: Damaris Sanchez, RN 3 South

November 2010

Damaris has gone above and beyond to make sure that my daughter, My daughter’s, stay here has been as warm and comfortable as possible, even under a hospital environment.  Damaris has an extremely compassionate heart which is clearly shown through her work here at Nicklaus Children's Hospital.  She has made sure that I, as my daugher’s Daddy, have been informed and comforted through each step of my daughter’s stay.  My daugher has had many hospital stays in many various hospitals throughout her life and Damaris, by far, ahs been the biggest blessing of a nurse to her. 


Damaris works from her heart and knows how to solve a problem when a parent is concerned with their child.

Daisy Award Winner: Annie Urbay, RN Emergency Room

October 2010

Annie Urbay, has been working several years as EMT for the ER, she has recently become an RN. She was awesome as EMT and now that she is in RN, she is someone to look up to despite her considerable infancy in the nursing profession.  I always regard her as an inspiration when it comes to working in the ER.  Thinking about it, I consider myself above average and I am regarded as senior staff by my peers but somehow I feel ineffectual when Annie is around.  She is far from intimidating but she delivers nursing care with so much sincerity and empathy that none of her patients would think she is a newbie.

Annie stands out from the rest rookies and experienced staff in the ER because her passion abounds in all that she does.  Her genuine enthusiasm to become a better nurse shows in her eagerness to learn and by being positive in learning opportunities that comes her way.  Unfortunately, sometimes it’s really shoved into her face, but still views the opportunity as a learning experience and the chance to make a difference to a patient.  Her infectious zeal to excel enables her to deliver nursing care with artful grace that most oftentimes I just watch how she does her procedures so I can look “professional” when I carry out my own orders. Being a relatively new nurse doesn’t hinder her from a masterful implementation of pediatric nursing care, she looks up stuff she does not know about, practices her skills and often seeks the advice of senior staff in an effort to make her a better practitioner to conform to the high standards that she set for herself.

Not only are the patients fortunate in having her as nurse, her co-workers are always thankful when she is around, she gets the mission accomplished efficiently and more importantly she makes the working environment fun and stimulating.  When Annie is around not only are the patients and their families smiling from satisfaction, but the staff is smiling as well because Annie makes us feel good and safe. At the back of my mind I think “Even if we had the busiest night of all, we will be ok because Annie is here”.

Daisy Award Winner: Zoila Infante, RN 2 East

September 2010

Mrs. Zoila is a great nurse and she speaks clearly and explains to my parents and I what is going on what is going to happen.  When I need something she is here in 2 seconds or less and she always brings a smile to my face.  She really deserves this AWARD......... GOOOOOOO Zoila hahahaha.

She has been absolutely AMAZING! What a perfect personality for a children’s nurse. She relates extremely well to both my daughter and us. I can’t say enough about her. I always request Zoila on every shift.

She is super sweet! Zoila comes when I need her and truly cares about my son and his well being.  She interacts with him and does a great job.  My 6 month old son loves to flirt with her.

Zoila is an exceptional nurse.  She is very competent, admiring and funny.  She has excellent communication skills and understand exactly how I feel.  She does everything in her will to make me feel better and secure.  From all the nurses I have encountered she truly is the best!

Daisy Award Winner: Michelle Conger, RN Dan Marino Urgent Care

June 2010

I had an MRI done at your facility.  I was extra nervous of the procedure.  However;  within five minutes the kind nature of your nurse (I believe her name was Michelle), had me calmed down enough to give me a shot.  That shot is an outstanding feature because I have a fear of needles.  Not only that but she had my hand held during the procedure.  Her kindness and compassion has made me not only look back at this experience as pleasant but it has prompted me to write this letter to you as an expression of gratitude for myself and my family.  Thank you Miss Michelle and all of your employees working in the MRI department for making my experience stress less, easy, comfortable and shockingly happy.

Daisy Award Winner: Juno Limbo, RN 3 North

May 2010

I wrote a passage for nurses week about how it takes a special person to be a nurse.  On May 13th, 2010 Juno brought a new meaning to that   phrase.  The Patient he was singing and playing the guitar for is what i like to call a "Frequent Flyer", He's with us all year long on and off...  However on this day he wasn't feeling well at all, he was vometing and feeling really down.  Juno wasn't his Nurse that day but after he finished his rounds, he went in to see the the PT.  Now the PT's Dad is learning to play the guitar so theirs always a guitar in the room.  Juno picked up the guitar and started to play and sing to the Pt.  Remarkabley after 10 Minutes the Pts face was completely lit up, Nothing like he was before!  I often use this quote: "The difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary is that little Extra"!  That little Extra lit up this childs Mood, Room, and most of all his strength to keep fighting.  I've always had great respect for Juno but after this day he really showed me the tools that a "Special Nurse" need to have.  It all comes from the HEART!  Cheers my friend...  

Daisy Award Winner: Maria Penate, ARNP, Neurology

April 2010

When I first started working the evening shift on the Neuro floor, Taylor back in 1980, I used to get so annoyed by the report I would get from one of the day shift nurses.  She would always say exactly how much to feed a baby, how often to burp it, how to turn a patient, how to give a patient their medicine.  I used to think “does she think I’m stupid?”  but what I came to learn was that she was just always about the patients and wanting to make sure that the care they got was the best .  I ultimately realized we shared a similar philosophy about patient care and became close friends.  With the encouragement of Dr Morrison and Joanne Vignari we joined the American Academy of Neuroscience Nurses and studied and became certified.  We learned as much as we could about neuroscience and neurosurgery; Maria developed a special interest in patients with brain tumors.  She soon became an expert on preoperative and postoperative care.  More than that, she became a staunch advocate for these patients.  She would always be there for the parents when they received this terrible diagnosis.  She is able to encourage them to keep having hope when they feel there is none.  She is not afraid to show her feelings and cry with them.  She lets them know how much they matter.

She started a Brain tumor support group and became involved with the pediatric brain tumor foundation to insure her patients would get the help they needed.  Every year she throws a Christmas party for these kids and makes sure that they are smothered in gifts!

She was eventually made “Assistant Head Nurse” on Taylor and because of her incredible skill as a neurosurgical nurse, she was abducted by Dr Morrison to help him, help his patients.  She became a skilled OR assistant and was used this to be better able to tell her young patients and their families exactly what would happen in the OR.  She continues to be there constantly for these patients as well as any other Neurosurgical patient that needed help.  She taught the nursing staff on Taylor and then 3 South how to properly care for these patients.  She stuck them into Dr Morrison’s schedule even when he was not thrilled with seeing one more patient.  She made sure they got their surgery when they needed it and when the family wanted it.  Her patients and their families know they have an ally in Maria and she will always be there for them.


I would like to let you know how much I appreciate the special care I was given by Maria Penate she not only showed professionalism but Maria was caring, loving and very helpful to my daughter Ashley. Maria always put her heart into helping Ashley first. 
 Maria, the assistant nurse to Dr. Morrison, has help my daughter, Ashley through several surgeries and procedures done at Miami Children hospital. Without Maria, standing by her side throughout these things we as a family could not have made it through. Maria is someone on your staff that you should be very, very proud of. Her compassion, understanding, strength, professionalism, and kindness to my family and our daughter will never be forgotten. She calmly handled all the details from how to tell Ashley about the surgery to actually walking us to the operating room. Maria was there after the surgeries to answer any questions we had whether they were repeated ones or serious ones. Her strength became our strength and I truly appreciate her help. Maria has even helped us this year through yet another surgery that she did not have to help with. Maria has been a God sent to us and is a very special person to our family. Thank you so much Maria.

 The Howell Family

It has been my honor and privilege to work with her.  She has always pushed and inspired me to be better.  I can think of no one who better describes the kind of nurse that the inspired the Barnes family to create this award.

Daisy Award Winner: Rosanne Wills, RN 3 Northeast

February 2010

Rosanne has been a dedicated nurse to this organization for over 35 years. Rosanne always comes to work with a positive attitude. Whenever there is a volunteer or a student nurse that needs a mentor, Rosanne always volunteers to mentor them. Rosanne makes sure she gives them an in-depth experience.  She enjoys teaching them and this makes their experience very exciting and fulfilling. Rosanne is also very dedicated and compassionate with her patients. Rosanne advocates for  her patients and acts like a mother figure to her patients when they are alone.  She makes sure she spends more time with them and ensures a child life consult is ordered. Rosanne ensures her patients have age appropriate toys at the bedside to help take their mind off the hospital stay.  Rosanne has brought in clothes for patients that were in need. Rosanne is on the poster for the Bill of Rights for patients and families. She is a role model for the hospital and is dedicated to the profession of nursing and Nicklaus Children's Hospital. Every day that Rosanne works she displays compassionate care and demonstrates the Nicklaus Children's Hospital way. Rosanne cheers up patients by giving them beads and stickers she brings from home, works in her community church where they help to assist the poor, and helps out with a boy scout troop by helping them with fundraising and other activities.Rosanne puts her patients and co-workers first and acts with integrity. Rosanne collaborates and is a co-worker that you can trust and depend on. There are so many positive attributes of this exemplary nurse:

  • She started as a candy striper at 17.
  • She has been a great employee all these years. This is the only place she has ever worked.
  • She is the sweetest person you will ever find.
  • Her pleasant disposition is seen and felt by all patients, families, and colleagues.
  • She is slow to anger.
  • She is an excellent, patient and caring preceptor to employees and nursing students.
  • She is an excellent resource;always willing to help.
  • She offers her words of wisdom to her younger colleagues and students when solicited or needed.
  • She is a joy to work with.

Daisy Award Winner: Melinda Duran, RN, PICU

January 2010

Melinda was nominated for being an angel and consistently delivering holistic care to her patients. Melinda came in on her day off at the request of a family to be present as the nurse during the harvesting of their child's organs. Melinda is truly a wonderful nurse and role model. We are Blessed to have her.

Daisy Award Winner: Clarissa Avalos, ARNP

December 2009

I love this nurse because she has always done her job WITHOUT one complain! Clarissa performs all her job task in a fast pace, correct, careful, professional, friendly way. I personally appreciate nurses who work like her, get the job done, correct, without complains. When she walks in the room she has this spontaneous contagious attitude that makes my bad day better.

Always smiling, teaching, helping, doesn’t mind picking up pampers, taking vitals signs, I see her helping care assistants, always answers my questions in a polite, professional matter. Even if I ask her 100 questions she NEVER seems frustrated to answer any of them, I think All the nurses should take notes on her way of working, she is AWESOME, takes her job serious, but manages to make the parent feel comfortable at the same time. She goes out of her way to make me feel comfortable. To sum up, she deserves the award, 3 north/bone marrow unit have some of the best nurses, and I hope management makes it a point to  remind them how much they can impact a family in a good way, I appreciate them all, and thank God they exist because they do make a difference EVERYDAY.

Thank you Clarissa. God bless you :) 

Daisy Award Winner: The Emergency Department

November 2009

I would like to recognize not one person but the ED staff.  Through all the emotions and stress of the packed ED waiting room, parents wondering when their child is going to be seen, keeping up with orders, the staff compensating for call outs, we have been able to stay calm and see that everyone on the floor is working as a team, an Emergency Medical Team, and together we are delivering the best care we can for our patients. Whether patients are critically ill or seeking non-urgent care, the success of any emergency department hinges on its ability to deliver efficient, quality care in what is frequently a fast-paced, stressful environment chaos and uncertainty. As an emergency room nurse you must realize that alone you can not handle anything. Lives are not saved single handedly; they are saved by many hands and many minds working together.

As we begin our respective shifts, it seems that we don’t leave our personal lives in their lockers, but instead we embrace each other as an extension of the family, there is no you nor me but only the “TEAMPLAYER”. Everyone has an assigned task, but what counts more, is that I’m a part of the “TEAM”, each task, each member, counting on each other.  Everyone watches each other’s backs, and more importantly allowing their fellow team mates to excel in the artful accomplishment of their respective tasks. Everybody gives 110% effort because deep in their hearts they know the team depends on them, and more importantly the patients depend on us.  When the charge nurse calls on a team member, the only reply you would hear would be “tell me!”, and be assured that the task would be accomplished.  I have shared this to them before, “that this team, can overcome any challenge, face any disaster, because they have the analytical minds, the deft of hand, the heart to excel and the innate goodness in every person”.

As our shift slowly comes to an end, I know we are leaving the floor in good hands to our night shift. As we always tend to say, “The bus has arrived” and it always seems to occur toward the night shift staff’s arrival.  All of us have one thing or the other going on in our lives but the staff does not let their personal situations interfere with their ability to deliver professional, skillful, compassionate care, even when they are dealing with their own situations. Some days we want to go home and cry after the day we had, but always keep in the back of our head that we are in this together, and I am thankful for the co-workers and ED team that I work with. We not only make a difference in our patient’s lives but we are also making a difference in each other.

Nominations by Jessica Mashburn, RN & Lawrence Lacson, RN

Daisy Award Winner: Laura Hernandez, ARNP, MSN from the Cardiac Care Center

October 2009

I would like to this opportunity to nominate Laura Hernandez, ARNP, MSN for her outstanding dedication and commitment to her nursing profession and her years of service as Nicklaus Children's Hospital. Laura joined the organization in 1991 and has since achieved many milestones. She has worked as a staff nurse on several units and later joined the pulmonology team as an advanced practice nurse, where she has left an everlasting impression with her dedication to the clinical practice of her patient’s with chronic illnesses. She is presently the Joint Clinical Educator for MCH/FIU. Laura is a caring individual that no matter in what area she practices, she is always at a level that is exemplary of the highest standard. Laura goes far beyond what is expected of her with her students, patients and colleagues. Even in the midst of difficult times, she always maintains a smile and a positive outlook, giving help where needed and often doing more without being asked. Laura’s daily uniform includes a smile, a kind word and a gentle touch. Laura is very well respected and offers an enormous amount of experience as a nurse as well as an innovative teacher, mentor, and creative thinker. 

Laura master’s a special talent with families and patient’s with a chronic illnesses. She develops a bond that is unique. Aside from her very busy schedule, being a mother of three, wife, professor and nurse, Laura dedicates many hours in making sure that VACC Camp is a success every year for the many medically challenged children who come from so many far away places to enjoy this week long camp. She works throughout the year as well as during the week in camp to make sure that all special needs children are medically safe while enjoying this once in a life time experience. She works very closely with Ivette Hidalgo ARNP, medical coordinator, in making sure that the patient’s medical needs are met. She gets very involved with patient’s and families as well as volunteers in providing both medical support and guidance. Besides working one on one with families and patients, she also assists nursing students in gaining their best medical experience while in camp. Many families and healthcare providers have expressed to us their gratitude for Laura. For us, it is a pleasure to nominate such a caring, unselfish individual who gives so much, asking nothing in return. 

We think that Laura is an extra-ordinary advance practice nurse that has worked in many roles and has managed to far exceed expectations. It is for this reason that we are nominating Laura for the Daisy Award. 

By: Rosa Roche, MSN,ARNP-BC
 Ivette Hidalgo, MSN, ARNP-BC

Daisy Award Winner: Soerrete Joseph, BSN, RN (PICU)

September 2009

Soerette is known as a Stellar for her dedication to PICU and for patient care. She is the perfect example of an excellent RN with excellent skills, as well as spiritually with one particular patient. Specifically one day in the PICU with a very sick child, she held the baby during his last moments of life and prayed, she cried as if it were her own child. She is a model nurse to all of us and continues to shine in excellence every day she practices. She shows genuine feelings with extraordinary clinical excellent skills. She did one of the hardest things that a nurse can be faced with, she held a baby for several hours during his last moments of life because his family was not able to be present. She was requested by this family because of the care she offers to the patients. The day before she took all the baby’s clothing home and washed themt because she wanted the baby to have clean clothes that his family had left for him on his last moments of life. The family members love her and trust her and chose Soerette to be the one to hold their baby since they were not able to be there. She deserves the DAISY Award for her compassionate care. 

Soerette Joseph is a total example of the Nicklaus Children's Hospital Way. She serves her patients with the utmost care and compassion.  Specifically one day in the PICU with a very sick child she held the baby during his last moments of life and prayed, she cried as if it were her own child. She is a model nurse to all of us and continues to shine in excellence every day she practices. She shows genuine feelings with extraordinary clinical excellent skills. 

Nominated by: Monica Hearn, RN 

Daisy Award Winner: Dania Vazquez, ARNP, MSN from Psychiatry

August 2009

Dania Vazquez exemplifies everything that the Daisy award stands for: she provides compassionate care, exemplary service, and is constantly pushing herself and staff towards the commitment to excellence.  Dania is a constant advocate for the patients that she serves and the staff that she teaches.  There isn’t a time that Dania doesn’t go above and beyond what is expected of her.  Whatever task she engages in she makes sure she gives it her all and never stops short of excellence.  Her work ethics and professionalism are contagious, and she makes you want to strive to do better.  Dania has served as my mentor in Psychiatry and is always there to provide words of inspiration.  She is a great motivator and is always willing to listen.  Dania has not only inspired me to be a better nurse, but most importantly a better person.  She has taught me that as a leader the most important thing is to live by example, which she so eloquently demonstrates on a day to day basis.  Dania is currently on the Daisy committee and she loves to pay tribute to other nurses for their excellent service.  I feel that it’s time for us to return the favor and pay tribute to everything she so selfishly does for us, and the hospital.  The question should not be why Dania deserves the Daisy award, yet it should be why has it taken so long for her to receive it?

Daisy Award Winner: Cindy Pelley-Johnson, Cardiac Care Center

July 2009

I would like to nominate Cindy Pelley-Johnson from the Cardiac Care Center for the Daisy Award. There is not one single scenario that I can use to describe what makes her so special – it is the consistency of her actions over time that amazes me. Cindy has held her CCRN certification for many years – way before it became “encouraged” and rewarded. Cindy comes to work with positive energy and a positive attitude. She always puts the patient first – even when she is taking a break or is outside of her patient’s room, you can see her sitting nearby so that she always has an eye on her patient. Cindy excels clinically and her judgement is impeccable.  As the unit’s “Post-op Nurse”, she is respected by the nursing staff, medical team, and surgeons. Dr. Burke and Dr. Hannan always breathe a little easier when they see Cindy at the bedside! 

Cindy basically precepts every RN that is oriented to the CICU – everyone spends 2 weeks doing post-ops with her, and she has never once complained. Cindy is a patient advocate,  educator, mentor, clinical resource and dedicated professional. She cares for and educates her families with earnest, and is loved and respected by them all.  Cindy is a true leader in the unit and sets the nursing standards exceptionally high for the rest of the staff. For her commitment to her patients and families over the years, I believe that Cindy represents all that the Daisy Award stands for and is a very worthy candidate for this honor. 

Daisy Award Winner: Margot Sarratea, RN (Radiology)

June 2009

I would like to nominate Margot Sarratea for the Daisy Award, although I feel that it is several months past due. Margot has gone above and beyond the call of duty consistently in the MRl department. She cares for children with love and affection as if they were her own. Margot is a recovery room nurse but that does not limit her ability or willingness to help in the phase 2 recovery area and has on numerous occasions stayed after her shift is over to assist her co-workers care for the patients in the pre and post MRI areas. 
Margot has diligently helped to raise funds for nurses week donating countless hours helping with bake sales and candy grams. She has donated money towards the purchase of baked goods and candy along with donations towards the decorations to make the delivery cart look appealing. 
She was instrumental in decorating the MRI department over the Christmas Holidays, donating again countless hours and money. She stayed after her shift was over and at times as late as midnight to complete the task. "The Polar Express" was the theme that the MRI department had chosen and what a task it was to transform an outpatient area into the "Polar Express." She has the innate ability to bring others together to join in whatever needs to be done to get the job done. She also is extremely creative. I am still in awe of how she pulled it all together. 
This winter wonderland came to life and included the train engine, train tracks, passenger cars, train tickets, hot chocolate, and to top it off, Santa with his bag of gifts and a bell for each child. This scene had such an impact of the families and children touring the unit that one parent in particular that had been through a particularly difficult year was brought to tears stating that this holiday fairy tale come to life has her believing that perhaps holiday dreams do come true. 
Margot gives of herself unconditionally. She is caring compassionate and her spirit is the essence of what nursing should be. 
Margot Sarratea is an outstanding individual. She has a bigger heart then most can carry. She is so full of spirit. She comes to work each day with a smile on her face despite what may be going on in her day to day life. She is always willing to lend a hand when ever you're in need. When is comes to patient care she goes above and beyond. A great example of that would be our holiday decorating contest. For two years in a row thanks to Margot great sprit she has helped bring this department into first place. Touching so many hearts bring so much joy into our patient's hearts and even brought out tears from our parents and even our staff.   Trust me when I tell you that its not winning the contest that brings her joy is seeing our patients jumping for joy after getting the bad news that they will spend the holidays in the hospital instead of home. She donates not only so much time staying even after midnight to get the work done but also donates the money to help with the decorating cost. She is also part of the nursing committee. Donating candy grams to help raise money for our valentine fund raiser. She also helped by bring in baked goods to help with the bake sales. I would not think twice when nominating Margot for our daisy award. She well deserves it and I have the great pleasure of being able to working with her. 

Daisy Award Winner: Shannon Hutcherson, RN (CICU)

May 2009

I would like to nominate Shannon Hutcherson from CICU for the DAISY award. Shannon is an exceptional nurse and a kind and compassionate person. She came to the CICU in 2007 with many years of ER experience under her belt and has proved to be a wonderful asset to our team. She is an IV whiz, and never hesitates to try and find access on any of our patients, including those on 2NE, even when she is not caring for them that day and has her own busy assignment. On several occurrences, Shannon stayed over after her shift to try and obtain an IV on  a baby that was on several drip medications when the IV nurse was busy and could not come to get a restart. Her prior ER experience allows her to be very knowledgeable about disease states/conditions other than just cardiac problems and she is always willing to share her extensive knowledge with the other staff. She is a friendly person and always has a smile on her  face or a kind or encouraging word to say to everyone. She has worked several  nightshifts over the course of her employment here and when working with her  have noted her to be a team player and very willing to help others. However, it is not only her superb clinical skills and her friendly demeanor that contribute to her excellence as a nurse- it is her personal experiences. Shannon bad a son who was a patient in our CICU several years ago and who passed away at another hospital while waiting for a heart transplant. This experience enables her to connect with our patients and their families on a completely different level and allows her to understand what t hey are going through because she has been there herself. Recently, we have had a patient in the unit that is undergoing transplant evaluation. Shannon has been able to be very honest with the mother about the process and very sensitive to her needs as she goes through this ordeal. She is also able to coordinate well with the medical team about things that the transplant hospital will be looking for (ex- consults, labs, tests, etc), things that may have been overlooked otherwise. In addition to the experiences with reason, Shannon also is the mother of twins that were born premature and have numerous medical needs. She is therefore exceptional at caring for or more chronic patients and advocates for them and their families in all areas. Shannon is a delight to work with and a true blessing to the Cardiac Care Center. I hope she continues to work with our team for many years to come. Thanks Shannon, for all of your dedication to our unit, as well as to the nurses on your team." 

We also had a patient in CICU last summer whose family was here from the islands. The baby was very sick and needed surgery, and was having a number of other complications. The mother was staying at Devonshire but had no other family support in the States or any transportation other than cabs/buses. One evening after working and before going hometo her own family, Shannon took the time to drive this mother to the grocery store so that she could get groceries and other items she needed tor her stay. I think that this selflessness should also be recognized. 

Daisy Award Winner: Laura Traini-Mongelli, RN, NICU

April 2009

During a short time when we had some losses on the unit, and understanding how difficult the journey of mourning is for a mother who has experienced a loss, Laura expressed a desire to get our mothers in NICU the Early Infant Memory Box where they could keep the precious items from the baby.  For the fundraising she spent many hours from her personal time on “the holiday candy gram”. She obtained orders to deliver candy to Nicklaus Children's Hospital, South Dade and Blue Lagoon campuses, and also bought a camera with other funds for the staff to take pictures of special moments with the parent holding the baby, and is involved in sending pictures to their families with the parent’s consent when they are out of town and do not have the resources to travel and see the baby during the hospitalization. Laura’s efforts have helped acquire memory boxes to help the families memorialize the loss of their babies. 

Nominated By: Mirtha Gonzalez, NICU Director

Daisy Award Winner: Jeanie Buckley, RN - 3 Northeast

March 2009

Jeannie Buckley lives and breathes the life of a nurse. She cares for each of her patients as if they were one of her own children, addressing every need of the child and family. She recently took on the responsibility of the care of a complex child, which is not unusual. However, this child required a complex skill that is not the standard of care on her unit. She took it upon herself to learn the skill and become the “superuser”. She came in for extras so that the care could be rendered and on her days off came in to teach the nurses who had not previously cared for the patient, shadowing them throughout the day until they became proficient. The needs of the child were all that she thought about. 

She truly looks at each child in a holistic manner, assessing what other needs beside medical care need to be meet. She comes in on her days off to decorate the unit and in her spare time makes specialty pillows for each child on the unit using her own funds.

Daisy Award Winner: Yarelis Alicea, RN, Tania A. Martinez, RN, and Zonia M. Comas, RN - Trauma Emergency Room Department

February 2009

During a recent trauma, the nurses, techs, security guards and even the housekeeper worked together as a team. What impacted me the most was the mom repeating “what great teamwork, what a team!!! I know they are trying!!" The mother of the child noticed every effort made by everyone, and although her child was in peril, she was so appreciative. Although sometimes as caregivers we have a difficult time and our work can bring so many challenges, on this day and so many others I saw the staff working together as a great team.  I saw people trying to save a child.  I saw people working harder than ever, people crying, identifying themselves with this mom who desperately cried for her child. 

We were so moved by this tragedy that the ER staff made a collection to help with funeral services. I would like to thank Zonia and Tania for starting this collection during the night shift. In total $426 dollars were collected. I took this money yesterday to the mom during the funeral. She stopped to look at me and stood with me in front of her child's casket. She asked for everyone’s attention and in front of everyone she thanked me and Nicklaus Children's Hospital, formerly Miami Children's Hospital, for trying to save her child. She was extremely grateful. She could not stop saying how great we were and what great teamwork she saw. This was followed by a few people applauding. So many people came up to me to say thanks. I wish we could have all been there, because it was not just me, it was the effort of so many people. She told me she would go to the ER to personally thank everyone who was there that day. She also expressed how happy she was that I was there representing our ER. She didn’t even look in to the envelope full of money. All she cared was that WE CARED for her and her child. 

Sometimes it takes a tragedy to realize how lucky we are for having our health and our children safe. It also makes us realize what nursing is all about.  It doesn’t matter if changes are occurring for the safety of the children. What matters is that we work with a great team!!! 

I would like to thank everyone who was there that day.  Not only in direct contact with this patient, but everyone who was in the ER because everyone worked together and did not forget about every other patient in the ER that day. I would also like to thank everyone who donated money, because even though we did not pay for the funeral in total, we helped this mom. 

 Thank you. 

Yarelis Alicea, RN, CPN, CPEN

Daisy Award Winner: Abel Guerrero, RN, Emergency Department

January 2009

Abel Guerrero shows commitment to patient-centered care on a daily basis. Whether Abel is acting in charge of the unit, working as a staff nurse, precepting a new oncoming nurse or any other countless projects that he is involved with, he gives himself to the task at hand 100 percent. Abel is always looking for ways the Emergency Department (ED) can better itself and is particularly interested in how the hospital can better its relation with our clientele. Abel is involved with the ED’s Family Centered Care Committee, the Morale and Retention Committee and is the chair of the department’s Self Scheduling Committee. 

Abel comes to work with determination and a great sense of humor and is always looking for the patient’s best interest. I cannot remember the last time Abel called out from work and I would venture to say he has not called out of work once in over five years. Abel started at Nicklaus Children's Hospital as an EMT and has advanced as a RN III. Abel’s skills as a nurse has advanced dramatically over the past years and he has become an expert resource, he is always trying to learn something new and relishes the challenges. 

Abel shows empathy with not only the patients but with the family and caretakers involved with the patient. Abel is the epitome of being a family advocate and if there are any conflicts between the family and the medical staff, he is the go to mediator. Abel is always looking for new opportunities for professional growth and I would not doubt seeing him in an administrative role in the near future. 

For these reasons and more I think Abel Guerrero deserves the Daisy Award and regardless of who receives the award, Abel will always be considered an extraordinary nurse to me and the ED. 

Daisy Award Winner: Anya Thumm, RN

December 2008

Anya is an extremely gifted nurse whose compassion and dedication have impressed me beyond measure. Her acts of kindness, dedication, wisdom and compassion are the reasons she will remain in our hearts forever. What makes Anya so exceptional is her willingness to go the extra yard without as much of a word, complaint, or an expectation. Nursing is her heart and soul and it is unmistakably apparent in the way she administers patient care. 

After surgery, my son had a difficult time. He was in a lot of pain and very scared. Anya was able to calm him down and soothed his fears. She spoke to him like an adult, but gave him the care and tenderness of an infant. She was firm and demanding, but at the same time she was kind and sensitive. She told him what was expected of him and assured him each day was going to get better and easier. She was in control of her patient and was resolute in making sure he followed doctor’s orders. Anya made sure he did as he was told because it was for his own good and he would feel better and stronger for it. If my son missed physical therapy because he was too sick or too tired, she took it upon herself to administer his PT. One evening around 9:00 PM Anya came back into our room. Her shift was over and she had clocked out for the day. I asked her, “What are you doing back”? She replied, “I promised him he would walk four times today and he had only been up three times”. She told my son, “I always make good on my promises, now let’s get this done”. Anya didn’t just teach my son how to walk again she instilled a confidence in all of us that helped us take care of him when we got home. She took care of him as if he were her own son. 

Anya is the consummate professional. She is the very essence of the words kindness, compassion, dedication, commitment and love. That brand of dedication, I will never be able to repay or forget.

Daisy Award Winner: Emily Zubiria, RN (CICU)

November 2008

Emily is a very caring nurse. She is a true patient advocate. She sees the patient as a whole unit not just a person or child with a specific disease. She somehow knows all the patients not only her assigned patients by their first names and their diagnosis. She brings clothing to dress them up so they look like ready babies when their parents come to see them the next morning. With one particular patient, Baby Reimmus, she helped the family cope up during the tough times. She gave them encouragement and hopes and was there for them whenever they needed it. There was a another baby Valdez who she helped the parents came to term with the fact that their baby was dying and helped the family deal with the impending death allowing their daughter to have a peaceful death. 

Recently a newborn that was 27 day old admitted to our unit with a congenital heart defect. Emily helped the family see that they had done the right thing with their baby and that they had done nothing wrong in taking care of him. Emily is a pleasure to work with. She cheers you up when you need it and she honestly cares about her patients and their families

Daisy Award Winner: Marla Geltner, ECMO Coordinator

October 2008

When I took my son to Nicklaus Children's Hospital ED, the mosquito bites were becoming larger. My son was observed in ED and later brought to PICU. The following day he had difficulty breathing and he was connected to a breathing machine. My son became progressively sicker and was placed on ECMO.

The ECMO team lead by Marla explained the procedure to us. Kept us informed every step of the way, showing us kindness and concern throughout this horrible battle. Marla met our needs everyday by being there for us.

We can’t thank you enough for the care, concern and kindness you showed our baby and family throughout our battle. You are truly a blessing to the nursing profession and your kindness will never be forgotten! Thank you so much for all your efforts! You will be in our prayers.

Daisy Award Winner: Natalia Lopez, RN

September 2008

Patients are truly blessed to have Natalia as their nurse. Natalia is compassionate, intelligent, and devoted to patient safety. She is an amazing resource and sets the example to all nurses on this unit. Natalia is always willing to assist a fellow co-worker. She holds babies when alone and offers to feed even when the patient is not hers. She is a great resource when ever you need to find any policies and procedures in the computer. She is an asset to this unit, on her days off she helps decorate the unit for holidays and is always participating in special projects to promote 3 East. Natalia deserves this recognition for her devotion to her patient’s care and her profession. I am fortunate to have Natalia as my coworker.

Daisy Award Winner: Miriam Prado, RN

August 2008

Recently, out daughter, Christabella was admitted into your hospital with a diagnosis of having a multi-cystic right kidney and malformed left kidney. Even though Christabella’s condition was know prior to her birth, her admittance into your hospital after her being only five days old was very difficult for us, as it would naturally be for any parent…no matter how “prepared” a parent may be. 

However, because of your NICU Nurse, Miriam Prado, our experience at your hospital (and after) could not have been any better. Mrs. Prado exemplifies exactly what Nicklaus Children's Hospital, formerly Miami Children's Hospital, is internationally known for: Perfection! Her non-stop devotion (as we defined it) to your patients unsurpasses anything I have ever seen before at any hospital. She is truly a genuine individual that undoubtedly cares for her patients and their parent’s peace of mind. 

Christabella was hospitalized at Nicklaus Children's Hospital, formerly Miami Children's Hospital, for a week. On the day that she was released from the hospital, we came home and found a letter from Nurse Prado along with information about our daughter’s condition and how o interpret her Creatinine/B.U.N. levels. We were shocked, to say the least, to see how an individual that has a life outside of her job would take the time and forward information to a patient even after-hours? 

An it goes further…About a week later, I received another envelope from Nurse Prado with information from La Leche League responding to a question that Mrs. Prado posted on their website over a homeopathic medication that I was taking to verify that it was safe to breast feed while taking such medication.. Needless to say, Miriam is undoubtedly truly an asset to your hospital and should be commended for it. 

In our modern-day society, it is unfortunate to see that many see their jobs as either “just a job” as it is commonly referred to by many or seen as a “money figure”. But, Mrs. Prado clearly makes her job her life-which is EXACTLY what a hospital should be recognized as. 

Thank you for making a difference and for not only being there for our children (as your motto says) but for the parents as well. May God bless you all. 

Daisy Award Winner: Christina Forcine, RN

July 2008

On Sunday, May 11th was Mother’s Day and Nurse Christina Forcine made a mother’s day card with Mable’s hand and foot prints.  Mother stated she really appreciated the nice and sweet gesture from Christina.  Mother stated Christina goes above and beyond her duties when she takes care of her daughter Mable.  Mother was very impressed and wanted to extend her appreciation to Christina.


Daisy Award Winner: Rico Trespecio, RN

June 2008

I recently floated to 2East. Not knowing the floor well I was prepared to have a crazy night. I was pleased with the team I received, but most of all I was appreciative of the help I constantly received from Rico. Rico was in charge but seemed to have a team of his own. He helped everyone from wound care to admissions and was always asking who needed help. My patient was scheduled to have surgery and Rico was there to assist me with every step needed to prepare the patient and parent. I asked some nurses who were there that night if Rico was always so helpful? They all agreed that Rico is always there to lend a hand and his expert advice.

I knew 2East was a very busy floor but with Rico there I felt that everything was going smoothly. By the end of the shift I was exhausted but Rico was there with a smile and sill willing to assist. As a guest to 2East I felt a part of a team and thanks to Rico and the rest of the team that night I will gladly return.

Daisy Award Winner: Arsenio Latorre, RN

May 2008

Arsenio is a very professional nurse who is dedicated to his work. He works hard all day. Arsenio is always willing to help other nurses and patients even if he is not assigned to them. Although patient are critical, he worries that they are clean, comfortable, and that they are repositioned often. It does not matter to him how much work is involved or how many times he has to do this throughout his shift. He abides by rules, times, security, protection and sterility when performing procedures. He is a creative person that finds quick solutions to problems that my come up. He works to make parents feel good. He is always in good spirit and transmits comfortableness to parents. He is a very hum person and compassionate. He enjoys making the life of parents and patients happy. 

This is my opinion but I have shared with other parents the same thought. May like for Arsenio to take care of his/her son/daughter since he does it with professionalism, love, and dedication. This is why I think, Arsenio is an extraordinary nurse who deserves this award. 

Daisy Award Winner: Vivian Gimon, RN

April 2008

Vivian always goes above and beyond in caring for her patients. Last week she had a 3 year old boy admitted at 9:00 a.m. Mom had four other siblings and needed to leave immediately, Vivian took over as “mom” for the 3 year old child. She kept the child with her all morning riding a bicycle. She offered to take him to lunch with her when she went, because he would not stay with anyone else. He would not sit on a chair if not next to Vivian, he would not even g to the bathroom with anyone else. Vivian showed him live like a true mom. He followed her down the hallways and waited outside patient’s room for her. The next day, the mother was so grateful; she brought her balloon and chocolates and this was a mom without any financial means. 

Vivian truly is a special and a loving nurse. Thank you for taking care of our kids. 

Daisy Award Winner: Ana Fauni, RN

March 2008

In January a dialysis patient had a “near code” in the parking garage. The patient’s mother called the dialysis unit and the dialysis nurse called Ana to cover that unit while they investigated the problem. Ana designated me to cover her patients on 3East while she made sure that the patients in the dialysis unit where okay. 

Before coming to 3East fulltime, Ana spent half her budgeted hours on 3E and the other in dialysis within the last year. She switched fulltime to cover only 3East. No longer a “physical” dialysis nurse, she counts to display a genuine concern for al of the patients, past and present. Her heart remains all over this hospital. It was also very impressionable watching her care for and showing deep concerns for patient on both units. Ana’s compassionate for patients and their families is always shown. 

On Sunday, May 11th was Mother’s Day and Nurse Christina Forcine made a mother’s day card with Mable’s hand and foot prints. Mother stated she really appreciated the nice and sweet gesture from Christina. Mother stated Christina goes above and beyond her duties when she takes care of her daughter Mable. Mother was very impressed and wanted to extend her appreciation to Christina. 

Daisy Award Winner: Beverly Kran, RN

February 2008

Beverly is amazing! I understand why this hospital won an award for nurses. She is caring and is right there when you need her. She is knowledgeable about medicines and seizures. I felt my son was in good hands with her.  Thank you for going above and beyond. 

Beverly engages with her patients and their families. She takes care of everybody in the room! We love her. May mother and I are from out of town and Beverly tried to help us with the area. She is the all around perfect nurse! 

Beverly has been so kind and caring about my son. She stays on top of his meds and amount of seizures. She has tried to comfort us through this very difficult time and we are very grateful for her. 

I specially remember a time when she wasn’t our nurse but I went to her for help and she totally went out of her way to help us. I feel comfortable turning to Beverly whenever I have a question or issue. Beverly always has a smile for us and has made this tough time a little more bearable for us. 

Daisy Award Winner: Yuleidi Herrera, RN

October 2007

“Yuleidi is a patient centered nurse, who gives compassionate care to her patients. She goes above and beyond to provide excellent care to her patients as well as other patients in the unit. She provides excellent nursing care with empathy. She always has a positive attitude and is loved by her patients and families, some of which come back to visit her on the floor. She’s focused on meeting all her patient and family needs. She’s also been the star of the month. Last but not least, she collaborates very well with her co-workers, always helping other nurses. She’s a true team player.”

Daisy Award Winner: Yarelis Alicea, RN

September 2007

"There are many extraordinary nurses who make Emergency Nursing their passion. It takes quick thought, exemplary skills, and the ability to have compassion for brief encounters with patients and families. It takes a special nurse to have compassion that leads one to continue to offer support and counsel long after the patient and family has left the Emergency Department. It is for this type of character that I am nominating Yarelis Alicea for the DAISY Award. Yarelis was the primary trauma nurse for a young boy who suddenly collapsed while at camp. Although unsure as to why this patient had collapsed, we were sure that he was very critical and required advanced treatment to stabilize his condition. His mother arrived to the Emergency Department unaware of the gravity of his situation. When she finally was able to see her son, he was intubated, had many IV lines, and a ventriculostomy that was draining large amounts of blood. Yarelis immediately bonded with this mother, and has been a source of support ever since.   It has been several weeks since this young boy, who left for camp walking, smiling, ended up in our Emergency Department unconscious. Yarelis has made it her point to follow his case, visiting with the mother, offering support, crying with her, being there for her as she faces a poor prognosis for her son. It shows deep compassion and commitment to the profession of nursing to go above and beyond your job requirement to offer support to a family in crisis. Yarelis showed exemplary skill during the critical hours after his arrival to the ED, and continues to show deep caring for this single mother. It is for this reason I am submitting this nomination for the DAISY Award."

Daisy Award Winner: Anna Pelligra, RN

August 2007

I would like to nominate Anna Pelligra for DAISY Award for her dedicated care to the patients and families in PICU.  On Wednesday June 20 the family of near drowning decided it was time to disconnect from life support.  After a month stay in the PICU many staff felt closeness for this family.  Dealing with death is not an easy thing to do for anyone.  In the PICU we live this moment many a times due to the severity of our patients.  On this day the family of this child decided they could not handle this moment and left their child in our hands.  Our manager Anna having felt heartfelt and tears took it upon herself to hold and rock this child until her last breaths.  Caressing her hair and blowing her kisses, and feeling warm arms was the last this child felt on this her last living day.  After this emotional event, Anna continued her day with her duties as a charge nurse.  She took an admission because there was not enough staff for the day.  Standing her strength she kept the unit running at smooth scale making sure the rest of the patients, parents, and staff was doing well.  It is hard to conceal such an event but Anna does it with strength and pride for her profession.  She is an example for others in her caring ways and her bountiful heart.

Daisy Award Winner: Elizabeth Woodman, RN

July 2007

Liz is an extremely dedicated nurse to her patients, families and staff.  She is always willing to assist patients, their families, along with her fellow employees.  She goes above and beyond what is asked of her.  She is extremely knowledgeable about the diagnosis, treatment of medications of the majority of our patients, and is willing to share this with the patient, their families and her staff. An example of her dedication to this facility and its clients is as follows: Liz had called out (a rare occurrence for her, she is usually always here, and always early) because her child was sick.  In the morning, after re-evaluating her child, Liz decided to come to work because she knew the floor was short-staffed.  Later that evening, during report, a family wanted to give their child a tub bath.  It was already after 8 PM, but Liz jumped up with a smile on her face and helped this family with their child.    She is constantly thinking of ways to improve patient care in 3 south.  She is always willing to go that extra mile for everyone she is in contact with and is always striving to make patients, families and staff feel welcome when on 3 south.  She is never too busy to help the staff, answer questions from patients, families, doctors, and staff and will stay after he shift to make sure that issues are resolved.  Liz is an example of what all nurses should strive for.

Daisy Award Winner: Pat Dean, ARNP

June 2007

Pat Dean has devoted her adult life and career to being a Champion for Children.  She becomes “extended family” to the children she has helped. Every time you go to 3 south and you see Pat with one of her patients you can tell that she becomes their guardian angel and their trusted friend.  She remains at their side as they endure frightening, lengthy and sometimes painful procedures.  She is very down-to-earth; intelligent and educated, yet with an abundance of common sense and sense of humor.  She treats her patients as regular kids—not as “children with disabilities” to be pitied, or overprotected. And, she makes sure others in the child’s life do the same.  She takes the time and effort to educate family members, medical professionals, educators, school children about epilepsy.  She not only provides epilepsy facts and first-aid education, but dispels the myths, stigma and fears that surround this neurological disorder.

Daisy Award Winner: Trish Maynard, RN

May 2007

Trish Maynard, RN, of the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit was chosen as the hospital’s DAISY Award winner for the month of May. She was nominated by Lisa Sosa, RN, Cardiovascular Unit Manager. Ms. Sosa wrote: “In the many years that I have known Trish, she has always been caring and dedicated to being a nurse. She gives all her patients and families excellent care. She listens to their needs and provides them with the information they seek and want. She is very caring with her patients. She talks to them in a kind and gentle manner. She holds the babies and rocks them when they are irritable. With one specific family, she built a special bond with mom and dad and helped them develop a bond with their dying baby. She was by their side when they needed someone to talk to and gave them the encouragement they needed.”

Daisy Award Winner: Diane Chafin, RN

April 2007

Diane Chafin, RN, of the PICU has been chosen as the hospital’s April DAISY Award recipient. Ms. Chafin was nominated by Liz Fauerbach of the Nicklaus Children's Hospital Family Advisory Council. Ms. Fauerbach wrote: “Diane is a true patient advocate. She treats every patient and family as unique individuals and just seems to know what each patient or family needs. Diane collaborates very well with the physician team, providing the physicians with valuable information and advocating on behalf of her patients. Diane goes above the call of duty to provide any assistance her patient may need.”

Daisy Award Winner: Ana Diaz, RN

March 2007

Ana Diaz, RN, LPN, of 3 Northeast was selected as the March recipient of the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses. Ms. Diaz was nominated by a member of the hospital’s Family Advisory Council. The nominator wrote: “Ana Diaz is an extraordinary person who demonstrates on a consistent basis her compassion, understanding and professionalism to her patients and their families. Ana works in the hematology/oncology unit, which is a department where patients are not just seen occasionally but rather on an ongoing basis. Ana gets to know her patients, not only their medical needs but also their likes and dislikes. Ana presents to her patients and their families a sense of calm and reassurance, which helps them cope with their illness.”