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DAISY Award Winners 2011

October 2011 Daisy Winner:  Kimberly Martin, RN 3 Northeast
Daisy Award Winner October 2011 - Kimberly Martin, RN 3 Northeast
Kim is very kind with her words.  She provides comfort to me like being in my very own home.  I really appreciate the fact that if I need anything, she is here is a split second, thank you for having such a kind heart.  God bless you!

Kim is an awesome nurse!

Kim is caring, attentive, and helpful.


September 2011 Daisy Winner:  Yuleidi Herrera, RN 3 East
September 2011 Daisy Winner:  Yuleidi Herrera, RN 3 EastYuleidi goes the extra mile in caring for the comfort of her patients.
Yuleidi is an attentive and commited nurse.  The first thing that I remember upon arriving to my room was her smile and her willingness to assist me.  Thanks so much for caring for the children under your care.
Yuleidi listens.  She’s very professional, social, friendly, careful and sweet.  Always on task and on point when I need her.
Yuleidi is kind and and took time to explain everything about my sickness in a way that I could understand.  She was attentive and brought me some GOOD ice cream.  She earned 100 point s from my parents and in my book she is an awesome nurse.
Yuleidi went above and beyond to make my son feel at ease during his stay.  She was extremely sweet and kind and made my son smile when he needed it the most.  Thank you so much, there should be more nurses like you.  Thank you!
Yuleidi is an extraordinary nurse.  She treated my son as if he were her own.  She understood my frustrations and was very aggressive in her treatment and care towards my son while attempting to manage his fevers.  She was very honest, punctual and caring.  Some people do this work for money, job stability and many other reasons.  I see that Yuleidi is one of the few that was born to make children (and their crazy parents) feel better.  My heart, love and thanks go out to this exceptional nurse.  May she continue to apply her caring hands in this healing process.

August 2011 Daisy Winner:  Maria Soto, RN 3 South
Maria has always demonstrated extreme commitment and dedication to our hospital’s mission and vision statement.  This nominee is a leader among leaders, she inspires and exemplifies nursing at its best.  She gets involved with the day to day operation of our department.  She is highly skilled and very knowledgeable about policy and procedures.  This nominee consistently displays the highest ethical standards.  Maria is patient, thorough and enthusiastic.  She constantly encourages her staff to attend meetings and get involved.  She influences the development of her staff.  She is always looking for opportunities to help develop our potential and shine as employees and as a unit.  She is no nonsense, direct and firm, yet full of good humor and encouragement.  During stressful times she never loses her cool and always has a professional response.  When we have difficult parents she gets involved with them, meets them (gives them her cell number) and is able to establish a level of trust and cooperation that facilitates positive outcomes.  When we have difficult physicians she meets with them to solve issues. She is not only a patient advocate but a staff advocate.  She is thoughtful and responsive to employees at all levels.  She always displays excellent customer service to patients, families and fellow Nicklaus Children's Hospital employees.  She demonstrates accountability for the work she performs as well as passion in serving the patients and families.  She is the MCHS Way.  Maria is a role model to novice and seasoned nurses. 

July 2011 Daisy Winner:  Adam Fader, RN 3 Northeast
During our 6 day stay  at Nicklaus Children's Hospital, Adam is the nurse that stood out the most with his compassion, dedication, and love for what he does.  We truly feel as though we’ve gained a friend during our daughter’s meningitis scare.  Adam kept us informed, made sure that our daughter’s care was “perfect”, to say the least and truly entertained my husband and myself with his extremely friendly, caring demeanor.  His dedication and passion for his profession is tuly to be commended. I felt I was at the Hilton, not a hospital.  Thank you Adam, for making an extremely scary situation easier to deal with.  You have a passion for what you do and it is evident I your superb care of your patients.  My daughter did not like it when you have the day off, as her face lit up upon your return.  You are a gift to Nicklaus Children's Hospital and deserve the honor of being recognized as an exemplary nurse!
Adam is extremely attentive and compassionate.  We have been lucky to have had him for every hospital stay (3 times since May).  He deserves a gold medal!

 Ever since I was 6 years old, Adam from 3 Northeast has always taken good care of me and given me the attention I need.  Adam is a very nice guy…..he is special and unique.  He has a way of being able to communicate with everyone.  He is very nice and understandable.

Adam has been my nurse since I was 10 years old.  He has such a great way to make a child that’s not feeling good smile in so many ways.  Adam is always my nurse every time I’m admitted.  There’s something about him that’s very special.  He has such a way with kids and when I am in need o fhis assistance he is there in a jiffy.

June 2011 Daisy Winner:  Michelle Tai, RN 3 North
Everyone knows that Michelle is a great resource for oncology patients.  She is a walking encyclopedia for cancer patients.  Diagnosis, treatments, chemotherapy, nursing care, significant laboratory values, mediports, etc.

Several times during the night when there is no IV nurse and the units have PICC line problems and have to ask for help, without hesitation Michelle will do it for me.  A tiny baby in CICU needed a line to be pulled a few cm so they can give her medications, a patient in 3NE PICC line clotted and antibiotic treatment is overdue, a patient in 3S that a PICC line is the only answer for IV access, patients in ED with mediport problems, give chemotherapy in ICU’s or med/surg floors just a few to mention.

Michelle is also a team player.  When the census is very high and the ER is very busy, she will take overflow medical patients.  She will call the attending specialist and let her know what rooms she opened for admissions.  This expedites the admission process and prevents tripling on other units.  Most of the time she takes the admissions.  At the same time she is in charge and a resource to her staff.

Michelle is the true representation of the MCHS way, her dedication and passion with her work, collaboration with different departments, excellent customer service, honesty and accountability.  She is a role model and asset to Nicklaus Children's Hospital, formerly Miami Children's Hospital.

February 2011 DAISY Winner: Maria Cardiad-Cortinas, RN  
2 North

Maria took really good care of my son and made us all feel safe and treated us like family. She’s the best!!! Thank you Maria!!!

She is a really great nurse and cares for what she does…

She is a great nurse, very kind and helpful.

She is super dedicated and gives excellent care.

She gave great attention to my son.

She gives excellent attention.

She is kind and gentle and helped me with a smile.

Maria is a very professional nurse. She has excellent abilities caring for patients. She is caring and respectful. She loves her job. For those reasons and more we consider her the perfect employee. She deserves the title of the best employee of  February!!!


January 2011 DAISY Winner: Cindy Ayala, RN
3 South

Cindy was very nice and always paid attention to what I said and what I needed. She also helped with my every request promptly and efficiently. She is a wonderful nurse.

Cindy took good care of me. She gave me my meds every night and was really nice.

Cindy is very caring. She treated us like family. From 1 to 10, she is a 10 plus, plus, plus.

Cindy Ayala is a very professional nurse. She is wonderful and makes you feel right at home. She cares about the patients.  She is very kind and lovely.

Cindy is polite and very well mannered and is there when I need some assistance.

Cindy has helped my son feel as comfortable as he possibly can. She has a wonderful personality and a beautiful heart.

Cindy is great and very helpful.

Cindy always made sure Simone had everything she needed. No matter what test she was being whisked away for. Cindy would go out of her way to place special food orders to make sure Simone never went through the day hungry. Cindy always knew if Simone needed an extra hug or a special gift following difficult tests. Cindy also made sure that Simone left with a very special surprise…she made sure that all the staff signed a Nicklaus Children's Hospital, formerly Miami Children's Hospital, tee shirt as a momento for Simone’s first visit to 3 South. Thanks so much, Cindy! Simone felt more like a friend than a patient.

Cindy is  the best nurse ever! She’s made my son very comfortable here at Nicklaus Children's Hospital, formerly Miami Children's Hospital, and last month my other son was here and she did the same for him. She’s very caring and thoughtful from Luis and Jason my two boys.

She comforted my son in every way possible. She made him laugh and did funny faces so he would take his medication and she sure did a good job because not even I could trick him into taking his medicine and leave him laughing. Just to see how she made him happy is priceless to me!

Cindy has been very sweet and caring with us and always explained each of the medications. Cindy is always asking how I feel and is always in great spirits for my child. Thank you for having nurses like Cindy and I hope God grants her a happy and long life working in this hospital. Thank you Cindy!

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