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DAISY Award Winners 2008

DAISY Awards

December Winner for 2008 - Anya Thumm, RN

Anya Thumm RN Daisy Winner December 2008Anya is an extremely gifted nurse whose compassion and dedication have impressed me beyond measure. Her acts of kindness, dedication, wisdom and compassion are the reasons she will remain in our hearts forever. What makes Anya so exceptional is her willingness to go the extra yard without as much of a word, complaint, or an expectation. Nursing is her heart and soul and it is unmistakably apparent in the way she administers patient care.
After surgery, my son had a difficult time. He was in a lot of pain and very scared. Anya was able to calm him down and soothed his fears. She spoke to him like an adult, but gave him the care and tenderness of an infant. She was firm and demanding, but at the same time she was kind and sensitive. She told him what was expected of him and assured him each day was going to get better and easier. She was in control of her patient and was resolute in making sure he followed doctor’s orders. Anya made sure he did as he was told because it was for his own good and he would feel better and stronger for it.

If my son missed physical therapy because he was too sick or too tired, she took it upon herself to administer his PT. One evening around 9:00 PM Anya came back into our room. Her shift was over and she had clocked out for the day. I asked her, “What are you doing back”? She replied, “I promised him he would walk four times today and he had only been up three times”. She told my son, “I always make good on my promises, now let’s get this done”. Anya didn’t just teach my son how to walk again she instilled a confidence in all of us that helped us take care of him when we got home. She took care of him as if he were her own son.
Anya is the consummate professional. She is the very essence of the words kindness, compassion, dedication, commitment and love. That brand of dedication, I will never be able to repay or forget.

November Winner for 2008 - Emily Zubiria, Staff RN CICU

Emily Zubiria, Staff RN CICUEmily is a very caring nurse. She is a true patient advocate. She sees the patient as a whole unit not just a person or child with a specific disease. She somehow knows all the patients not only her assigned patients by their first names and their diagnosis. She brings clothing to dress them up so they look like ready babies when their parents come to see them the next morning.
With one particular patient, Baby Reimmus, she helped the family cope up during the tough times. She gave them encouragement and hopes and was there for them whenever they needed it. There was a another baby Valdez who she helped the parents came to term with the fact that their baby was dying and helped the family deal with the impending death allowing their daughter to have a peaceful death.

Recently a newborn that was 27 day old admitted to our unit with a congenital heart defect. Emily helped the family see that they had done the right thing with their baby and that they had done nothing wrong in taking care of him.

Emily is a pleasure to work with. She cheers you up when you need it and she honestly cares about her patients and their families

October Winner for 2008 - Marla Geltner, ECMO Coordinator

Marla Geltner, ECMO CoordinatorWhen I took my son to Nicklaus Children's Hospital ED, the mosquito bites were becoming larger. My son was observed in ED and later brought to PICU. The following day he had difficulty breathing and he was connected to a breathing machine. My son became progressively sicker and was placed on ECMO.

The ECMO team lead by Marla explained the procedure to us. Kept us informed every step of the way, showing us kindness and concern throughout this horrible battle. Marla met our needs everyday by being there for us.

We can’t thank you enough for the care, concern and kindness you showed our baby and family throughout our battle. You are truly a blessing to the nursing profession and your kindness will never be forgotten! Thank you so much for all your efforts! You will be in our prayers.

September Winner for 2008 - Natalia Lopez, RN

Natalia Lopez Daisy Award Recipient September 2008Patients are truly blessed to have Natalia as their nurse. Natalia is compassionate, intelligent, and devoted to patient safety. She is an amazing resource and sets the example to all nurses on this unit. Natalia is always willing to assist a fellow co-worker. She holds babies when alone and offers to feed even when the patient is not hers. She is a great resource when ever you need to find any policies and procedures in the computer. She is an asset to this unit, on her days off she helps decorate the unit for holidays and is always participating in special projects to promote 3 East. Natalia deserves this recognition for her devotion to her patient’s care and her profession. I am fortunate to have Natalia as my coworker.


 August Winner for 2008 - Miriam Prado, RN

Recently, out daughter, Christabella was admitted into your hospital with a diagnosis of having a multi-cystic right kidney and malformed left kidney. Even though Christabella’s condition was know prior to her birth, her admittance into your hospital after her being only five days old was very difficult for us, as it would naturally be for any parent…no matter how “prepared” a parent may be.

However, because of your NICU Nurse, Miriam Prado, our experience at your hospital (and after) could not have been any better. Mrs. Prado exemplifies exactly what Nicklaus Children's Hospital, formerly Miami Children's Hospital, is internationally known for: Perfection! Her non-stop devotion (as we defined it) to your patients unsurpasses anything I have ever seen before at any hospital. She is truly a genuine individual that undoubtedly cares for her patients and their parent’s peace of mind.

Christabella was hospitalized at Nicklaus Children's Hospital, formerly Miami Children's Hospital, for a week. On the day that she was released from the hospital, we came home and found a letter from Nurse Prado along with information about our daughter’s condition and how o interpret her Creatinine/B.U.N. levels. We were shocked, to say the least, to see how an individual that has a life outside of her job would take the time and forward information to a patient even after-hours?

An it goes further…About a week later, I received another envelope from Nurse Prado with information from La Leche League responding to a question that Mrs. Prado posted on their website over a homeopathic medication that I was taking to verify that it was safe to breast feed while taking such medication.. Needless to say, Miriam is undoubtedly truly an asset to your hospital and should be commended for it.

In our modern-day society, it is unfortunate to see that many see their jobs as either “just a job” as it is commonly referred to by many or seen as a “money figure”. But, Mrs. Prado clearly makes her job her life-which is EXACTLY what a hospital should be recognized as.

Thank you for making a difference and for not only being there for our children (as your motto says) but for the parents as well. May God bless you all.

July Winner for 2008 - Christina Forcine, RN

Christina Forcine Daisy Winner July 2008On Sunday, May 11th was Mother’s Day and Nurse Christina Forcine made a mother’s day card with Mable’s hand and foot prints.  Mother stated she really appreciated the nice and sweet gesture from Christina.  Mother stated Christina goes above and beyond her duties when she takes care of her daughter Mable.  Mother was very impressed and wanted to extend her appreciation to Christina.



June Winner for 2008 - Rico Trespecio, RN

Rico TrespecioDaisy Award Recipient June 2008I recently floated to 2East. Not knowing the floor well I was prepared to have a crazy night. I was pleased with the team I received, but most of all I was appreciative of the help I constantly received from Rico. Rico was in charge but seemed to have a team of his own. He helped everyone from wound care to admissions and was always asking who needed help. My patient was scheduled to have surgery and Rico was there to assist me with every step needed to prepare the patient and parent. I asked some nurses who were there that night if Rico was always so helpful? They all agreed that Rico is always there to lend a hand and his expert advice.

I knew 2East was a very busy floor but with Rico there I felt that everything was going smoothly. By the end of the shift I was exhausted but Rico was there with a smile and sill willing to assist. As a guest to 2East I felt a part of a team and thanks to Rico and the rest of the team that night I will gladly return.

May Winner for 2008 - Arsenio Latorre, RN

Arsenio Latorre Daisy Award Recipient May 2008Arsenio is a very professional nurse who is dedicated to his work. He works hard all day. Arsenio is always willing to help other nurses and patients even if he is not assigned to them. Although patient are critical, he worries that they are clean, comfortable, and that they are repositioned often. It does not matter to him how much work is involved or how many times he has to do this throughout his shift. He abides by rules, times, security, protection and sterility when performing procedures.
He is a creative person that finds quick solutions to problems that my come up. He works to make parents feel good. He is always in good spirit and transmits comfortableness to parents. He is a very hum person and compassionate. He enjoys making the life of parents and patients happy.

This is my opinion but I have shared with other parents the same thought. May like for Arsenio to take care of his/her son/daughter since he does it with professionalism, love, and dedication. This is why I think, Arsenio is an extraordinary nurse who deserves this award.

April Winner for 2008 - Vivian Gimon, RN

Vivian Gimon Daisy Award Recipient April 2008Vivian always goes above and beyond in caring for her patients. Last week she had a 3 year old boy admitted at 9:00 a.m. Mom had four other siblings and needed to leave immediately, Vivian took over as “mom” for the 3 year old child. She kept the child with her all morning riding a bicycle. She offered to take him to lunch with her when she went, because he would not stay with anyone else. He would not sit on a chair if not next to Vivian, he would not even g to the bathroom with anyone else. Vivian showed him live like a true mom. He followed her down the hallways and waited outside patient’s room for her. The next day, the mother was so grateful; she brought her balloon and chocolates and this was a mom without any financial means.

Vivian truly is a special and a loving nurse. Thank you for taking care of our kids.

March Winner for 2008 - Ana Fauni, RN

Ana Fauni Daisy Award Recipient March 2008In January a dialysis patient had a “near code” in the parking garage. The patient’s mother called the dialysis unit and the dialysis nurse called Ana to cover that unit while they investigated the problem. Ana designated me to cover her patients on 3East while she made sure that the patients in the dialysis unit where okay.

Before coming to 3East fulltime, Ana spent half her budgeted hours on 3E and the other in dialysis within the last year. She switched fulltime to cover only 3East. No longer a “physical” dialysis nurse, she counts to display a genuine concern for al of the patients, past and present. Her heart remains all over this hospital. It was also very impressionable watching her care for and showing deep concerns for patient on both units. Ana’s compassionate for patients and their families is always shown.

On Sunday, May 11th was Mother’s Day and Nurse Christina Forcine made a mother’s day card with Mable’s hand and foot prints. Mother stated she really appreciated the nice and sweet gesture from Christina. Mother stated Christina goes above and beyond her duties when she takes care of her daughter Mable. Mother was very impressed and wanted to extend her appreciation to Christina.

February Winner for 2008 - Beverly Kran, RN

Beverly Kran Daisy Award Recipient February 2008Beverly is amazing! I understand why this hospital won an award for nurses. She is caring and is right there when you need her. She is knowledgeable about medicines and seizures. I felt my son was in good hands with her.
Thank you for going above and beyond.

Beverly engages with her patients and their families. She takes care of everybody in the room! We love her. May mother and I are from out of town and Beverly tried to help us with the area. She is the all around perfect nurse!

Beverly has been so kind and caring about my son. She stays on top of his meds and amount of seizures. She has tried to comfort us through this very difficult time and we are very grateful for her.

I specially remember a time when she wasn’t our nurse but I went to her for help and she totally went out of her way to help us. I feel comfortable turning to Beverly whenever I have a question or issue. Beverly always has a smile for us and has made this tough time a little more bearable for us.

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