ACL Return to Sport Testing

Also known as: post-op ACL reconstruction return to sport test.

What is ACL return to sport testing?

The anterior cruciate ligament of the knee is more commonly known as the ACL, and a tear of the ACL is a common injury among athletes. After an ACL tear, an ACL reconstruction is the common procedure used to treat the condition. ACL return to sport testing is performed before allowing an athlete who has undergone ACL reconstruction to return to his or her sport to ensure a full safe return and reduce the risk of a second injury.

What happens during the procedure?

Trained Sports Health professionals will perform a comprehensive biomechanical motion analysis evaluation of return to sport readiness to identify the risk of re-injury, strength, power and symmetry. The patient must successfully pass the test to be determined safe to return to sport.

Is any special preparation needed?

Physician Prescription is required for this service, insurance benefits may be available. Athletes must be cleared by their referring physician to perform jumping, cutting and pivoting activities prior to taking the test.

What are the risk factors?

Secondary to the athletic demands of the test, there is a risk of injury associated.  Sports Health professionals administer the test in a manner designed to reduce this risk. Passing of the ACL return to sport test does not guarantee that the athlete will not suffer a second ACL or other injury.

Reviewed by: Lauren Butler, PT, DPT, SCS

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