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November Patient of the Month: Andres

We introduce you to our Patient of the Month, Andres. When he was in high school, Andres was a wrestler, competing at some of the highest levels in the state. Then, in his senior year, the unimaginable happened; Andres suffered injuries that made it impossible for him to continue wrestling.


Prevention of Sports Injuries in Children | Keeping Kids Healthy

Pediatric orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Spurdle, MD, talks about sports injuries and prevention in children.


Orthopedic Care for Pediatric Musculoskeletal Injuries | Keeping Kids Healthy

Dr. Monica Payares-Lizano. MD talks about the orthopedic care offered at Nicklaus Children's Hospital for pediatric musculoskeletal injuries.


Meet Doctor Annie Casta - Pediatric Orthopedist

Annie Casta, MD of Nicklaus Children's Hospital is a pediatric orthopedist with the Orthopedic Surgery Program.


Meet Doctor Craig Spurdle - Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon

Craig Spurdle, MD of Nicklaus Children's Hospital is a pediatric orthopedic surgeon with the Orthopedic Surgery Program.


Meet Doctor Stephen M. Swirsky - Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon

Stephen M. Swirsky, DO of Nicklaus Children's Hospital is a pediatric orthopedic surgeon with the Orthopedic Surgery Program.


Andrew's Success Story

Andrew Lorenzen had always been a healthy, happy child, who enjoyed playing all types of sports. So, when his mom brought him to Nicklaus Children's to get a free EKG screening, neither of them believed the results would actually come back showing something was wrong with Andrew.


Sports Medicine - Innovations In Pediatric Healthcare

Children's sports today can be more competitive than ever, so it's no surprise that sports injuries have been on a steady rise. We spoke to Dr. Craig Spurdle, orthopedic surgeon at Miami Children's Hospital, regarding new surgical techniques that address and consider growing children. We also spoke with Dr. Stephen Swirsky on how prevention is becoming a bigger part of orthopedic treatment.


New Sports Medicine Therapy Program

Dr. Craig Spurdle, Orthopaedic Surgeon at Miami Children's Hospital talks about knee problems, ligament ruptures, managing sports related injuries and the new Sports Medicine Therapy Program.


Kids Sports Injury Prevention - Dr. Steven Swirsky

Dr. Stephen Swirsky, DO Orthopaedic Surgeon at Nicklaus Children's Hospital talks about prevention, awarness and types of common sports related injuries seen in children such as fractures, joint dislocations and the treatment of concusions.


Knee Injury Prevention - Dr. Craig Spurdle

Dr. Craig Spurdle, Orthopaedic Surgeon at nicklaus Children's Hospital, talks about the ACL injury prevention program for girls. He discusses why female athletes are prone to knee injuries and discusses some of the techniques in which girls can prevent injuries.


Sports Medicine - Dr. Swirsky WPLG Monday Morning House Call

Dr. Stephen Swirsky, Orthopedic Surgeon at Nicklaus Children's Hospital, was on WPLG's Monday Morning House call answering questions from viewers during a live web chat regarding sports-related injuries. He spoke about football, cheerleading, soccer, baseball, and wrestling injuries among others. Dr. Swirsky says he sees a lot of shoulder dislocations, fractures, and knee and ankle injuries. The doctor recommends core conditioning and stretching prior to sporting events in order to prevent injuries.