Running Injury Prevention Program

The Nicklaus Children’s Hospital Running Injury Prevention Program is designed to identify and correct for biomechanical movement errors that increase the risk of a running related injury.

In the United States 79% of runners will sustain a running related injury annually. Of significant concern are adolescent female and male cross country runners who demonstrate higher injury rates. Additionally, running is a primary component to generalized sports participation which is on the rise in young athletes. Despite the high percentage of running related injuries, most are preventable.

Known Risk Factors for Running Related Injuries

  • Beginner Runners
  • Runners with low or high mileage
  • History of a running related injury
  • Sub-optimal running technique
  • Improper footwear
  • Muscular Imbalance 

Running injury prevention screening

Team screening (15 minutes)

  • A video running analysis and physical screening designed to identify major risk factors for running related injuries in a club or team setting. Cost:  $40.00 per athlete

Individual screening (45 minutes)

  • A comprehensive running analysis and physical screen designed for the individual runner to reduce the risk of running related injuries and maximize performance.  This screening includes a video running analysis and a physical assessment. A summary of results will be provided to each runner upon completion. Cost: $135.00

running shoes

Running Injury Prevention Training

A training program designed to improve strength, power, flexibility and running mechanics to reduce the risk of running related injuries and maximize performance. Available in both individual and club/team format.

Single Sessions

  • 30-min session: $40.00 /session
  • 60-min session: $80.00 /session

Team Training (60-min sessions - minimum 6 athletes)

  • 6 session program: $120.00 /per athlete
  • 8 session program: $160.00 /per athlete
  • 12 session program: $240.00  /per athlete

Small Group Training

  • 6 session package: $90
  • 12 session package: $145