ACL Injury Prevention Program

Decrease the risk of ACL injury by 50-70%

A training program designed to correct biomechanical risk factors of an ACL injury and improve strength, power, and agility in young athletes.

teenage girls running across a soccer field
teenage girls running across a soccer field

The Nicklaus Children’s Hospital Sports Health ACL Injury Prevention Program is designed to identify and correct for biomechanical movement errors that result in an increased risk of an ACL injury. Our program has the potential to decrease the risk of an ACL injury by 50-70%.

How do ACL Injuries Happen?

In the United States there are a reported 250,000 anterior cruciate ligament tears annually. Athletes involved in sports requiring cutting, pivoting and jumping are at the highest risk. Female athletes are of significant concern as they have 4-6 times higher risk than male athletes. 

Consequences of an ACL Tear

  • Surgical reconstruction resulting in 6-10 months of rehabilitation and time off from sports.
  • 50% risk or arthritis 10 years after surgical reconstruction
  • 25% chance of suffering a second ACL injury 

Treatments and Procedures

Conditions We Treat

ACL Injury Prevention Screening

With ACL prevention screening a biomechanical motion analysis test is performed to identify level of risk for an ACL or other lower extremity injury
  • Team ACL Screening: Includes a 15-minute video analysis with individual injury risk profile, provided at school or club. ($40 per athlete)
  • Individual ACL Screening: Includes a comprehensive 45-minute video analysis with individual results summary and training recommendation package. Provided at Nicklaus Children's Outpatient Centers. ($130 per individual)

ACL Return to Sports Testing

Return to Sports Testing is ideal for athletes who have suffered an ACL injury preparing to return to activiely participate in sports. Provided at one of Nicklaus Children’s Outpatient Centers.

Because ACL tear patients face a 25 percent chance of suffering a second ACL injury, we take return to sports assessments seriously. Even after surgical reconstruction, patients with prior ACL tears have a 50% risk of arthritis ten years following treatment. To minimize the future risk for your young athlete, our trained Sports Health professionals perform a comprehensive biomechanical motion analysis that assesses your child’s strength, power, symmetry, and re-injury risk. Your child must have a prescription to receive an ACL return to sports test, and we encourage you to ask about any insurance benefits that may be available.

ACL Injury Prevention Training

A training program designed to correct biomechanical risk factors of an ACL injury and improve strength, power, and agility.

Team Training

60-minute training sessions, provided at school or club (minimum of six athletes).

  • 6 session program: $120 / per athlete
  • 8 session program: $160 / per athlete
  • 12 session program: $240 /per athelete

Performance Training

Provided at Nicklaus Children’s Outpatient Centers.

  • 30-min training session: $40
  • 45-min training session: $60 (may be split up to 2 athletes)
  • 60-min training session: $80 (may be split up to 4 atlheltes)

Performance Training Packages

  • 10-session package of 45-min performance training: $510
  • 10-session package of 60-min performance training: $680

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