Port Wine Stain (PWS) Birthmarks

Also known as: PWS

What is a Port Wine Stain?

A port wine stain or PWS is one of the more common birthmarks related to blood vessel growth. Present at birth, an early PWS is usually flat and pink in appearance with the color possibly deepening to a dark red or purplish color as the child gets older. The PWS most common occur on the face but may appear anywhere on the body.

What causes Port Wine Stains?

The following syndromes most commonly cause port wine stains:

Images of Port Wine Birthmark

Port Wine Stain

Treatment for Port Wine Birthmark

Port Wine stain removal treatments include pulsed dye laser therapy.

Birthmarks require careful removal and assesment by a team of specialists. The International Birthmark Institute (TIBI) at Nicklaus Children's Hospital, is a comprehensive multi-specialty center of excellence for the evaluation and management of all birthmarks with special expertise in vascular birthmarks in newborn babies and children.

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