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The treatment team will work closely with your child and the family to reach goals and assist with any needs throughout the hospital stay. There are many people with different disciplines involved in the care of your child and it is important to know their roles. Listed below is an explanation of the provider’s different roles.

Marisa Azaret, Psy.D.

Clinical Director, Division of Psychology
Coral Gables,Miami
Intereses Clínicos:
Pediatric psychology, parenting skills training, adolescent development, mental health prevention

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Team of Specialists


Leads your child’s team and oversees your child’s care throughout the entire hospitalization. The psychiatrist reviews your child’s progress on a daily basis and is involved in decisions about medication changes, treatment issues, and discharge planning.

Psychiatric Fellow/Resident

Evaluates your child for psychotherapy and medication needs on a daily basis and is involved in decisions and medication changes, treatment issues, and discharge planning under the supervision of the psychiatrist.


Provides individual, family, and group therapy, and facilitates communication between the patient and family members.

Nurse Practitioner

Will provide a physical exam shortly after your child is admitted to the hospital. He/she will order any necessary lab tests or procedures your child may need and will be involved in managing any medical issues during your child’s hospitalization.

Case Coordinator

Will help coordinate the inpatient plan of care, maintains on-going discharge planning, and provide appointments /referrals for outpatient services.

Activity Program Coordinator

provides group structure for your child to promote interaction with other children, assess motor skills and ability to concentrate, and teaches children ways to productively use free time and develop new coping skills.

The Nursing Team

will work closely with doctors/clinicians on your treatment plan, assess your child’s response to medications and behavioral interventions, and make recommendations for changes. The nursing team also works closely with the family to provide teaching, communicates issues with the treatment team, and facilitates the transition home.

Behavioral Health Technician

Monitors a safe consistent and therapeutic environment on the unit and assists in meeting your child’s treatment goals.

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