Psychology Videos

Lunch N' Learn: Mental Health Awareness

Learn about Mental Health Awareness with Dr. Marisa Azaret, Director of the Division of Psychology, and Dr. Sara Rivero-Conil, Pediatric Psychologist at Nicklaus Children's Hospital.

Lunch n' Learn: Bullying

Lunch n' Learn Chats are brought to you by Nicklaus Children's Hospital's Division of Psychology to raise awareness on issues affecting our children today. Pediatric Psychologists Dr. Samantha Carella and Dr. Silvia Sommers discuss.

Lunch n' Learn: Natural Disasters and Children

It’s no doubt that the recent natural disasters around the world and in our own community have affected us emotionally. They also can have effects on children and teens. Hear from our pediatric psychologists on how to discuss these events with children of all ages and the cues that indicate stress.

Lunch n' Learn: Reducing Anxiety for Return to School

Dr. Reshma Naidoo and Dr. Sara Rivero-Conil discuss ways parents can ease anxiety in their kids as the back-to-school season approaches. School transitions can be easy for some and difficult for others. The doctors will help negotiate those challenges.

Meet Reshma Naidoo, PhD - Director of Cognitive Neuroscience

Reshma Naidoo, PhD of Nicklaus Children's Hospital is a pediatric neuropsychologist and neurorehabilitation speacialits with the Brain Institute.

Lunch n' Learn: Detecting the Early signs of Autism

Detecting the Early Signs of Autism: What the speech and language pathologists want you to know. Hear from speech and language pathologists Jessica Thomas and Nayda Torres-Soto. Brought to you by Nicklaus Children's Hospital's Division of Psychology to raise awareness on issues affecting our children today. 

Lunch n' Learn: Developmental Testing in Children

Dr. Rose Alvarez-Salvat, Clinical Psychologist, Clinical Supervisor and Training Director and Marina Villani, Clinical Psychology Intern, discuss testing in children, from developmental testing to identifying learning disabilities and more.

Lunch n' Learn: Preparing Children for Return to School

Dr. Marisa Azaret, clinical director for Psychology and Dr. Sara Rivero-Conil, clinical psychology manager will discuss how parents can prepare children for the school mindset, encourage excitement and healthy routines, and ease their anxiety as the back-to-school season kicks into gear.