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“Paul underwent phase 2 of testing for surgery and after the first application of the leads, Paul developed a massive blood clot which nearly took him from this earth. Due to the expertise of Dr. Sandberg, he noticed Paul was slipping into a coma and performed emergency surgery to remove the leads. We thought all was lost at that point. However, the surgeons decided to retry the surgery again quickly before his skull re-adhered. After ten days suffering from c-diff, we tried the phase 2 again, with a drain this time. We realized the resection was in a different place, and after testing we realized it was further away from his visual cortex—which was great news for us!! The surgery for the resection was a complete success and Paul hasn't had a seizure since!!! We are so grateful for the whole staff of Nicklaus Children's Hospital, but especially Dr. Resnick, Bhatia and Sandberg for their skills and expertise. We are so grateful for this excellent hospital and its staff. Thank you for everything you do for so many. We are here today for a final MRI and EEG, hopefully!! Our love and prayers go out to all here.

Mary - Pompano Beach, Florida
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