Nicklaus Children's Hospital has some of the best nursing jobs in South Florida as seen below by some of Nicklaus Children's Hospital's nursing testimonials.

Photo of IngridIngrid Gonzalez MSN, RN, CPN

Ingrid has been with Nicklaus Children's Hospital for 24 years. She is a certified pediatric nurse and is an adjunct faculty instructor for Florida International University. Prior to working on the PEDS project as the clinical lead for Nursing she functioned as the Clinical Specialist in CICU for 9 years making significant strides in quality outcomes.

Ingrid was challenged to assist nursing as we move into full execution mode of the Electronic Medical Record, in the collaboration, mentorship and ongoing development of the Clinical Specialist (CS)/Educator team. These changes will better position nursing in supporting further optimization and future upgrades of the clinical systems.

“Working within the Nicklaus Children's Hospital Nursing Department has been a rewarding experience. I started here fresh out of nursing school and have grown professionally thanks to the guidance and support of my peers”


Teresa MacKenzie, RN, CPN, CCM - Pediatric Care Center

Theresa“I love being a nurse because there are so many exciting, challenging and satisfying places to work that allow us to serve our community. The Pediatric Care Center (PCC) is above all my favorite place to do just that.   We have opportunities in the PCC to provide care to the whole family. We are especially blessed to have the opportunity to watch our patients grow and develop. I am taking care of the children of the patients I cared for 20 years ago. The special needs patients and their families have a special place in my heart because every little thing that we do whether it is to assist with acquiring community resources, give a hug, or provide support during a medical crisis, every small gesture counts. Every developmental milestone achieved is a major accomplishment. The PCC staff and residents work so well together and genuinely care for one another. A perfect day for me is when a young patient runs to give me
a hug. I am truly blessed that the PCC chose me, twice, to be a part of their team.”


Andres Valencia, RN - Urgent Care Center

Andres"All my life I have always strive to go above and beyond to help people, this is the main reason I have always known that a nursing career is what I will be doing for the rest of my life. There is nothing more fulfilling than waking up in the morning knowing I will be helping someone not only physically but emotionally and spiritually. In my six years as a nurse I have worked in the emergency room, oncology, geriatrics, home health care, and the department of corrections but never have I felt such an admiration as I have being a pediatric nurse.

The change of field was inspired by the birth of my first child brought me to the pediatric nursing world. The four years that I have worked for Nicklaus Children's Hospital has been the most memorable time in my nursing career and the most amazing nursing team I have ever been part of.  Having the opportunity to work around professionals who not only love their jobs but also are incredible team players makes me feel proud to be part of the Nicklaus Children's Hospital team. Getting the opportunity to see the smiles on the children’s faces when they visit the center is the best gift of my profession. I’m very lucky to have entered the pediatric field and what better place to practice my nursing than Nicklaus Children's Hospital. To be part of this family is where I want to be for the rest of my career."


Linda Foley MSN, CRNA

"People have asked how and why I had stayed at one institution for 20++ years.  My response was simple....Nicklaus Children's Hospital allowed me to be a nurse and sprout my wings in so many arenas AND they allowed me to be the mom I wanted to be (switching schedules/changing shifts/changing units) as my family's needs changed."


RaquelRaquel Harvey, RN - 3 South

"I chose nursing as a career because ever since I was a little girl that has been the career path for me to follow in my mom’s  footsteps.  I was  very happy when I was hired in 1998 at Nicklaus Children's Hospital because this would allow me to use my knowledge and the skills I learned in school. I currently work in neurology and have taken care of many children with epilepsy. It brings me great  joy to be able to see a patient walking and talking again and expressing thanks for the care received. I have seen many great changes at the hospital. A recent enhancement is the practice of care teams working together with patient families during rounds. Nicklaus Children's Hospital has prepared me to not only give excellent care to the families  but also to be a voice for my unit."


DorcasDorcas Torres, RN - 2 East

"I love being nurse and working at Nicklaus Children's Hospital.  My journey to become a nurse began when my son was diagnosed with leukemia at Nicklaus Children's Hospital.  He was a frequent flyer and had nurses Michelle Burke, Nicole Lynkechow and Michelle Tai caring for him during the most difficult times of our lives.  I watched in amazement as each nurse became a vital part of my son’s life, not only in carrying out orders and giving him treatments. but each also became a part of our family, always giving in every way possible.  After my son’s death, I made to decision to become a nurse and will never regret my choice.
 I began as a care assistant and have been an RN-BSN for the past four years and now have the opportunity to give back and be that caregiver who listens effectively and works efficiently to create a nurturing, comforting atmosphere for those I care for.  During my time as a nurse I have to had the opportunity to be a part of a team of nurses who bring about change.  In an effort to lessen the discharge times on my unit I accepted the challenge of becoming the admission/discharge RN.  I have the pleasure of working with an amazing team of nurses who work together and go the extra mile to make Nicklaus Children's Hospital a memorable place."


Karis Fahrer RN - NICU

"As the NICU can be a challenging place on a daily basis, I love the NICU because there is nothing like the feeling   of seeing a baby that has been through a challenging time come back to see us after discharge happy and smiling."