Eye Muscle Disorders

Also known as: eye movement disorders, strabismus, nystagmus

What are eye muscle disorders?

The motion of the eyes as a person moves them to look around is controlled by muscles. When these muscles don’t work properly, this is known as an eye muscle disorder or eye movement disorder. There are several different types.

What causes eye muscle disorders?

Some eye muscle disorders are due to genetic problems that are present at birth. Other times, an eye injury or another medical condition can result in the development of eye muscle disorders later in life.

What are the symptoms of eye muscle disorders?

Symptoms can vary based on the type of eye muscle disorder that is present. Two common ones are strabismus, which is crossed eyes, or nystagmus, which causes fast, uncontrollable eye movements.

What are eye muscle disorders care options?

Potential treatment options for eye muscle disorders can include surgery, eye patches, muscle exercises or glasses. Some eye muscle disorders cannot be resolved, but they are controlled with glasses, patches.

Reviewed by: Zenia Aguilera, MD

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