Laser Surgery: Candela GentleLase (Alexandrite Laser for Recalcitrant Lesions)

Also known as: Alexandrite laser for recalcitrant lesions.

What is laser surgery: Candela GentleLase?

Candela GentleLase is a form of laser therapy that can be used to treat a variety of skin and hair conditions. It can be used for everything from hair removal to freckles to wrinkles.

What happens during the procedure? 

The patient rests comfortably while a machine delivers a concentrated laser at the source of skin or hair problems. The laser emits only light, and it also features a cooling device that makes the skin more comfortable. Most feel that the treatment is completely painless.

Is any special preparation needed? 

In some cases, anesthetic gel is applied to the skin to make the patient more comfortable during the procedure.

What are the risk factors?

Mild pain and irritation is a possibility with Candela GentleLase treatment, but it’s uncommon.

Reviewed by: Ana Margarita Duarte, MD

This page was last updated on: 3/23/2018 1:38:37 PM

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