Pinna Abnormalities & Low-Set Ears

Also known as: abnormality of the pinna

What are pinna abnormalities and low-set ears?

The pinna is another term for the outer ear. When abnormalities occur with the shape or location of the ears when the baby is still growing in the womb, this may be the sign of certain medical conditions.

What might cause pinna abnormalities and low-set ears?

In some cases, pinna abnormalities and low-set ears may not be related to other conditions. However, they are also a sign of conditions such as:

How can it be treated?

If your child has pinna abnormalities and/or low-set ears and has already been cleared of any associated medical conditions, then  available treatment is dependent on the type of difference in the pinna and age of the child.

When should you seek medical attention?

Most conditions related to pinna abnormalities and low-set ears are detected soon after the baby is born, and when available, treatment starts early.

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