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Kohl's Childhood Injury Prevention Program

Kohl's Cares Bike and Child Safety images
Show your support for all of the Kohl’s Cares initiatives at Kohl’s. With a variety of programs that support kids’ health and education, breast cancer awareness, and the advancement of environmental solutions, Kohl’s is committed to the causes that matter to you.Each year, the Emergency Department (ED) - which includes two dedicated trauma resuscitation beds - together with the Outpatient Centers provides care for more than 90,000 patients with traumatic injuries. The severity of these injuries ranges from minor abrasions/contusions to the critically injured patients (i.e. falls, motor vehicle crashes, pedestrian versus auto accidents, and sports-related injuries) who require full activation of the trauma team.
The Kohl’s Cares partnership continues to be a significant component of the Trauma Services Injury Prevention initiative. Since its inception in 2009, the program has focused primarily on Bike and Helmet Safety in the community. The Trauma Services department strives to ensure that all injury prevention teaching is provided to the community through monthly events in collaboration with Kohl’s stores and various community organizations. 
Kohl's Cares Bike Safety Memory Game 
In addition to educating and facilitating safe bike riding for both the children and their families, the Kohl’s Cares partnership allows us to incorporate a more structured educational component by providing helmets to children in need, as well as educational coloring and activity books, informational brochures, pencils and stickers. Parents are provided with educational brochures/hand-outs on Bike and Helmet Safety for their children and as guidelines for themselves. The Kohl’s Associates in Action team assists the Trauma Services team with measuring and fitting the children for helmets and choosing the correct helmet for each child. Our educational materials include activities that range from identifying hazards to ensuring safety by applying preventive measures. During our monthly events, parents are encouraged to complete sign-in forms and safety questionnaires so that they may be contacted for safety follow-up and notified about future events.

Events include: 
  • Informational sessions
  • Safety instructions
  • Bike helmet fittings
  • Giveaways! (while supplies last)
  • Family-friendly entertainment



Since 2009, Kohl's has granted $740,926 to Miami Children's Health Foundation, made possible through the company's Kohl's Cares® program. 


Follow our events calendar and attend one of our free events. You also can download educational materials and play games online that promote bike and child safety.
For more information, please contact Nicklaus Children's Hospital, formerly Miami Children's Hospital's Trauma Services Department at 786.624.4640.
This bike and child safety material is brought to you by the Kohl’s Cares program at Nicklaus Children's Hospital, formerly Miami Children's Hospital, and Miami Children's Health Foundation.

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