Tips to Help Your Child With Back to School Anxiety

Back-to-school anxiety is a common concern among children, and as a healthcare professional, I want to provide you with some valuable tips to help your child cope with this challenging time.

Validate their feelings.

It's crucial to acknowledge and validate your child's feelings about going back to school.
Your child may feel nervous and scared.
Those emotions are entirely normal. Remember, it's okay for them to be anxious, and with your support, we can help make it easier for them.

Foster open communication.

Encourage open communication with your child about their concerns.
An example may be that your child is worried about making friends.
That's a valid concern. Engaging in a conversation about this will allow you to provide guidance and strategies to help your child build social connections.

Pre-visit the school.

Consider visiting the school beforehand. A pre-visit will help your child familiarize themselves with the environment, meet their teacher, and reduce anxiety about the new setting.

Establish a consistent routine.

A stable daily routine can significantly reduce anxiety. Together with your child, create a schedule that includes designated times for homework, play, and relaxation, providing a sense of predictability.

Utilize positive visualization.

Practice positive visualization with your child. Encourage them to envision having a wonderful day at school, making friends, and enjoying their lessons. This technique can enhance their confidence and resilience.

Encourage self-expression.

Allow your child to express their feelings through creative outlets like drawing or writing. That's a great way for them to process emotions and cope with anxiety.

Prioritize self-care.

As parents, remember to take care of yourselves too. By modeling healthy stress management, you demonstrate effective coping techniques, which can positively impact your child's emotional well-being.

Remember, you play a crucial role in supporting your child through this challenging time.

By incorporating these tips and with your guidance as parents, you can empower your child to manage back-to-school anxiety with confidence and resilience.

Wishing you all, and your children, a fantastic school year!

Marina Villani Capó
Pediatric Health Psychologist 
Nicklaus Children's Hospital

Published on: 8/21/2023

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