November Patient of the Month: Victoria

Meet our November Patient of the Month, Victoria. Victoria was born in Venezuela and lived her life like any normal kid, up until the age of 10. That is when she started feeling a strong pain in her chest. Her parents took her to see her cardiologist, who said that she would need surgery. However, the procedure did not go as planned. At the advice of a second cardiologist, Victoria’s mom did whatever she had to in order to get Victoria to a hospital outside of the country. She found Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in Miami, close enough so that the flight wouldn’t pose a risk to Victoria’s weak heart. With the help of the Global Health department, Victoria was able to come to Miami to be seen by the doctors at the Nicklaus Children’s Heart Program.
Upon arriving at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, Victoria and her mom met the late Dr. Richard Zakheim, who didn’t waste any time before getting someone on the phone and telling them that Victoria needed to be admitted right away. A couple of days later, Victoria underwent open-heart surgery at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital with Dr. Robert Hannan, the first of many procedures she would need over the years. Now 18 years old, Victoria has had three heart valves replaced, but she is alive and thriving thanks to the care she received at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital.

Published on: 11/2/2017

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