November Patient of the Month: Andres

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Lizzie's Story

When Elizabeth “Lizzie” Debowsky was only 7 years old, she began experiencing a sudden pain in her hip. Her parents Shari and Stuart immediately worried when the pain became so severe it was affecting her ability to walk.
"Although Lizzie takes dance classes, she has never been injured. All of a sudden, she began limping out of nowhere, and was complaining of pain in her hip.  I did not want to let it go very long so we decided to get evaluated by her doctor," said Shari.

Experts at Nicklaus Children's Hospital help dancers get safely back on their feet

Dancing is a beautiful form of expression but it can be physically taxing on the body, especially for children and adolescents. The Sports Health Center at Nicklaus Children's helped Amber recover from her injury and return to dancing. In fact, Amber had the opportunity to dance in the Latin Grammy Awards last fall.